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W.O.T.D. 11-15-21 Quicken

I have felt my heartbeat quicken and known my blood pressure was up several times through this ordeal with Dad. In fact, we are all experiencing blood pressure fluctuations.

I combat mine with self medication, like CBD, a beverage, and my 1/2 Valium every night. Dad has bp meds, but I don’t have a clue if they are giving them correctly. You cant find a central person in this facility that knows what the other shifts are doing. It is so frustrating. I cannot wait until we move him to the new residential care center. maybe are hearts will all be better for it!

The only problem that seems to be resolved is the safety issue. Everyone is watching to make sure he doesn’t fall, but one nurse seems to care and the others seem clueless. Ugh! My brother is in pain, because he had surgery, then overdid it, and now has a UTI. His bp is up too.

We have a meeting with the owner of the residential care house Wednesday, we put a deposit on the place today. Friday, we have a meeting with the elder lawyer and will go ahead and retain him to fight for Dads VA benefits, which will help pay the rent. Then switch him to traditional Medicare, and add part D to cover the meds. The first month we’ll just pay private pay.

Pray all goes smoothly, and this ordeal will get better. Thanks be to God, for He is in control, not me!

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One thought on “W.O.T.D. 11-15-21 Quicken

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Have your BP high? Your heartbit high. Your dad is now very well. How your shoulder pain. Where your dad new medication? Why appoint lawyer ?


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