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Sure, I’m Tired 11-29-21

Dad’s chair is back home with us. We may move it eventually, but at least it is here.

After my visit with Julie yesterday, I was able to face the day’s tasks with less anxiety and emotion, therefore, we got a ton of things accomplished! We had a meeting with the Knights of Columbus (my dad was a 4th degree Knight), a trip to the church to tell them we wanted to schedule his service there, a meeting with the probate lawyer, which added even more to our to-do list for tomorrow, and even went and picked up all of Dad’s belongings at the residential hime where he passed away. I feel stronger, but was a little emotional doing that last task. The last thing I did tonight was get an urn ordered online, and I think we will all be happy with it. I’m going to ask the funeral home tomorrow if they can save out some of his ashes for a beautiful
cross I want to buy later. It is a rustic cross with a small orb at the bottom that the ashes will be incorporated into. Part of him will always be with me 😌

I’m sure tired, and that may be due to constant running around and bottling up emotions, and yet I feel a sense of accomplishment at all we got done. My brother is back to work, but had nothing going on today, so having him run us all over town while he still could was awesome. I have much to do again tomorrow, but its all part of the process and it has to get done. Most of it is phone calls, but I also have to go get his picture blown up and framed for the service. I’m still not sure when the obit gets written, or if I’m doing it, but that will be soon, I’m sure, because we are going to try and get the service scheduled for Dec 10th or 11th.

One day at a time.

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6 thoughts on “Sure, I’m Tired 11-29-21

  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better, one day and is time! Everything always happens all at once, that weekend we are going to OK for a friend’s graduation from college. We already have the hotel booked. I will so be with you in my thoughts will continuously be on you and your family this day!

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      • Know I really wanted to be there to support you, dad and I both did. Many hugs and much love!! Dad and I will be over to visit the you sometime soon, and Christina to! We will give you some time my maybe after the service because I know that when all settles and people stop coming around that is hard!

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      • I appreciate that and look forward to your visit! Yes, I have no idea right now who or how many people will come to the service, but you are so right. You feel kind of deflated when all the emotions and chaos kind of dies down. You will be a welcome sight. 🤗💕 ((hugs)) back to you for thinking of us! Dave will be happy to see you too!

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