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WOD Challenge 2-1-22 Bizarre Weather

Living in Texas, we are used to seeing what is about to happen, but as long as I’ve lived here, it still seems so bizarre.

The temps have been in the high 60’s, low 70’s for the past two days but tomorrow the rain will start, then the ice, then the sleet, and finally top it off with snow. This makes for a very dangerous situation here because people do not listen, they don’t know how to drive -and should not drive on ice anyway.

Let’s just pray we don’t have a repeat of last year! It is supposed to come down for two days and then start melting. Sounds great to me!

In other news, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! 🎊🦎💥

In honor of my Vietnamese friends, I made one of the traditional desserts (or attempted to make) called Butter Mochi. its is supposed to look like flan with a chewy coconut crust on top. It is made with rice flour, milk, coconut milk, butter, baking powder, eggs, vanilla, salt and coconut for the top.

Well, mine made cake. The top part was right, but where there was supposed to be custard was cake. Dave says it’s because I used almond milk instead of cow’s milk. The funny thing is, it still tasted good…but that is not the point! The next time I need a huge dessert for a party or something, I will try again and use the proper milk. Anyone want some cake that tastes like a cross between angel food and pound cake? Maybe I’ll share with my neighbors tomorrow before the weather turns to crap!

In yet other news, I have had the best, most productive couple of days! I have fallen into a new routine, part of which includes my exercise in the morning. If I do a short workout, I do another in the afternoon. Today is the closest I have come to closing all three rings on my Apple Watch.

My red ring is almost closed!

The blue ring is for standing, the green is for exercise, and the red has something to do with movement and calories. I guess it’s calories burned, not sure.

The other part of my routine lately is to work out of my grief book and matching journal. It has been very helpful and I feel I am making some progress. So after my morning coffee, reading, breakfast and exercise, I usually have a list of things I want to do that involves running errands. But that is because I had lots f things to do. Tomorrow, the routine will be a little different…no running, so maybe I can get something done in my office!

I have also started crocheting again, and the project I was working on was not working with the yarn I was using, so I went and got new yarn in a different weight and color. I am attempting a shawl because it is a beginner pattern, and as long as I’ve been doing it, I’m still a beginner! I have my basic rows started, so I’m off to see how much I can get done tonight!

Stay warm and dry everyone!

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3 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 2-1-22 Bizarre Weather

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    So beautiful weather. Some falls. Beautiful coconut 🍰 nice recipe. Wonderful Apple watch you have! I like. What saw that in watch. You have to shawl knitting. Good job work. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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