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SoCS 2-5-22 Not Old Yet, Dammit!

Not my couch or blanket.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “page.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

As I drank my coffee this morning, I glanced around the living room and thought to myself, ”its starting to look like old people live here.” Since we have been in the deep freeze, blankets are strewn about, theres my blood pressure machine on the end table, and on David’s end table are lotions, and Kleenex next to a small catch-all cart.

I turned the page in my book on Understanding Your Grief, answered the prompt in my accompanying journal and set it aside. I’d clean all this stuff up later, when we get back from going to get a new floor lamp to go next to the recliner so I can see to crochet better. What? Yes, I’ve taken it up again, not because I’m old, but because it’s supposed to be relaxing. I’m determined to do it right and make myself a new shawl, and when I have that done, I may do like Dar and start some projects for the needy.

My wip-a gray shawl with pockets…or maybe without, we’ll see!

Maybe I’m turning a new page in my quest to help others, now that I have more time. If I volunteer somewhere or get a part-time job, then my time won’t be mine anymore…it’s a hard decision, one I’m still pondering. If I got good at this craft, I could spend my extra time making hats, scarves, and shawls for the homeless and still be helping people. Wait, I’ve gone off track, I was talking about how we are starting to look like an old couple.

Maybe our upcoming romantic trip to Eureka Springs will change my perspective. Then again, it could also solidify the inevitable truth…one I seem to refuse to accept. We are getting old. No! No, I refuse to cave in to that notion, you’re as young as you feel, after all. Too bad I feel cold and creaky right now. Where’s my blanket?


19 thoughts on “SoCS 2-5-22 Not Old Yet, Dammit!

  1. Look. I am old. I’ve been crocheting, sewing, and learning knitting since I was 12. My aunts taught me and the cousins. My aunts were in their 30s. Not old. By the way, those aunts are still alive. I think the yarn crafts helped their longevity.

    I’m glad you have blankets around during the freeze.

    Great work on the shawl.

    Thanks for the mention. It is a blessing to me to make for the charities as I get to learn and know someone might get a bit of comfort from my efforts.

    I liked your take on the prompt!🤗

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    • You are not old fact I believe we’re about the same age but thank you. Thanks for your compliment on the shower as well I hope it turns out right. I hope I get better so that I can start crocheting for charities as well. I also heard that crocheting helps keep your hands from becoming arthritic. It gives me something to do besides just sitting here watching TV, when I’m not on the iPad that is!

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      • I am 72. I stopped crocheting as it was hurting my hands. Somehow the loom knitting doesn’t hurt as badly. I think because there is more hand movement. The left hand, for me, the tension holding hand hurt the worst. With knitting and loom knitting I can use either hand. Yes, I use it as something to do while listening to TV, or audiobooks. But now I do the DP with audiobooks. I hope you find a few charities to make things for. It is quite fulfilling. My friend makes blankets for the animal shelter, too. I’ve yet to give that a try.

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      • That sounds like a wonderful cause too! I’ll find something. Since I used to work for the cancer center I might make hats for the patients or I could make things for people in nursing homes.

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  2. i get the chill
    as i pop sundry
    pill for heart health
    older colder
    shit to ennui
    see me
    winter shut down
    red skin
    and i do not care a fuck nor that shit
    my life
    and so all shit is annulled
    and shunned


  3. If you are old what am I? Kim you are vibrant and I love picture btw. I am sorry I have not been more active my friend whatever cloud I was under seems to have finally moved on its way. Or it is the fact that I am sitting with my blue light for about two hours a day in the morning before work. On weekends until it starts to get light. Although I may back off on that one because I had a ton of energy later in the evening when I usually would have been drifting off. Ooooops long winded Jay strikes again. 🙂 Have an awesome Sunday.

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    • Well believe it or not I’m about to be 61 in March however I still believe age is just a number. Except on days I feel about 80 lol!! Is it wrong not to want to look old or dress old or act old? That’s why I’m working out to try to stay healthy and also to be fit enough to enjoy retirement once we finally get there! I want to be active in retirement not sitting in rocking chairs! Unless it’s just to relax at the end of a busy day that is!

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