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Cherish This Time 2-14-22 WOD Challenge

Rogues Manor

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope your day has been filled with togetherness and love! ❤️

What a fabulous week we just experienced, then, on top of that, Dave was off again today and we showered each other with love and gifts. I wasn’t expecting anything because we just had a wonderful vacation and that would have been enough for me. However, Dave had other ideas! I had a dentist appointment this morning and while I was in there, he went to run errands. When I got out, I ran one of my own. I ran to Albertson’s and purchased a card and some chocolate covered strawberries for him. As I was pulling in, he was right behind me. He wanted to beat me home because he had a card, flowers, AND jewelry!!! His intention was to have it all set up before I got home, but together, we cut the flowers and put them in a vase, and then he put my beautiful necklace on me. I think he is saving his strawberries for dessert. We are so lucky and blessed to have met each other. We have been married almost 37 years! I think you should cherish every moment and I believe we did just that, especially this past week.

Let me tell you about the food and the places we ate while on our vacation. The first night, we simply walked down the street we were staying on-Spring-and dined at The Rogues Manor. I’ve never been anywhere that was so dimly lit, they gave us lighted menus!

menus that lit up when opened

Next, Dave ordered oysters and -another first- they arrived in shooters. Those were some of the best, freshest oysters we ever ate!

Oyster shooters

The decor was fabulous, but I waited until it was too dark to take a picture. The waitress told the story of the artwork I was trying to photograph, but I don’t remember it. I think she was kind of joking anyway.

The light was too bright to really catch the painting.

For dinner, I had Bonzai Chicken, which was strips of chicken and veggies in a peanut sauce over pasta. Unfortunately, it was so rich, and I was too full from oysters and salad, so I was only able to eat 3 or 4 bites. Same with David and his Mediterranean spaghetti. We took it back to the cottage, but Dave tossed it out when we moved over to the smaller cottage. Good thing, because it wouldn’t have fit in that tiny refrigerator. Still… what a shame to waste all that delicious (and expensive) food!

The next morning, we went driving around looking for a coffee house or cafe, looking for breakfast, only to find one at the end of our street. I had quiche and a cold coffee creation, and Dave had a breakfast burrito. It was delicious, and had we not been driving, we could have walked it off on the way home.

Thursday night was the ghost tour, so we ate dinner at a grill outside the downtown area where we were staying. Everything was within about 5-10 minutes away though, so we were done in plenty of time for the show. I had blackend salmon and veggies and Dave had a meatball sub. Mine was delicious, but Dave said his was adequate. It took a long time for it to come out. Even so, we had time to go back to the cottage and rest before the show.

Friday morning, we found another recommended cafe serving breakfast…The Sweet and Savory Cafe. It was ok, but I’ve never had grits with garlic in them. They were ok but not my cup of tea. Not many places know how to make proper grits in my opinion. I can’t remember if it was Thursday or Friday, but we had lunch at a bar & grill that served farm-to-table food. We shared a plate of their brisket nachos made with Wagyu beef. OMG those were fabulous!! I didn’t even mind the finely minced onions on them. That night we ate at La Familia to see if they knew how to do Tex Mex. I’m happy to report that they did, it was super yummy, and we got our margarita fix. I ate like a pig, all the walking around must have increased my appetite!

Saturday morning was below freezing, but we parked and walked to the Mud Street annex cafe, and we were not disappointed! Both cafes were swamped with people because all the new to town visitors came in Friday night. We were packed in like sardines, but really enjoyed our meals.

The original sign that used to hang in the train station.

This place was so cool and so historic. It was built over and features one of the many natural springs that run through the city that water built.

I didn’t think to take a picture, but there is a clear tile panel on the floor showing the spring running under it! But, I did take a picture of the cool and artistic water features on the wall next to our table.

Had to lean back and aim upward for this one!

Saturday’s lunch was not worth mentioning, but had lots of cool and local artwork on her walls. I just could not believe this lady opened a creole cafe when she cannot even make proper gumbo! First off, the roux was blonde, sour, and the chicken and sausage were a joke. The chicken was a few shreds, the sausage was hot dogs sliced up into it, and the only reason she could call it gumbo was because there was okra in it. Terrible. I decided when she came to see if we liked it that if I couldn’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all. I should have told her so she wouldn’t be embarrassed in the future, but I did not. I literally could not eat it.

That night, our last night, we went to The Horseshoe Grill who one of my Facebook friends recommended. Again, what a shocker that was! The biggest and best quesadillas I ever had.

Loaded with beef, bacon, and cheese!
Thick, delicious quesadillas!

I should have sampled one of their famous burgers or bbq, but my teeth had been hurting since the first night, so I didn’t want to aggrevate them.

Well, I hope you’ve enoyed my restaurant reviews, lol. I’m so full from the dinner Dave cooked us tonight, it was hard to recall all the great food and the places we had it. (steak, salad, and sweet potato) I hope I didn’t gain 5lbs, but I fear I might have! If my bones feel better tomorrow, I’ll get back to my daily walking routine.

Happy Hearts Day! 💕 Cherish one another! 🥰

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  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Many many happy happy valentine’s Day Kim🌷! Beautiful you share your visit. I enjoyed your restaurant reviews. Delicious Verity food dishes. Fully enjoyed dinner & breakfast. I like.

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