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WOD Challenge 2-18-22 Love That Quizzical Look

Pretty Brandy

I had my dogs Whiskey and Brandy groomed by a mobile groomer Tuesday night for the first time and it was great!

She pulled right up in front of the house, came in and introduced herself to us, and took the girls out to the mobile grooming van. I noticed it was a plain white van with no advertising on it. I guess she is busy enough with word-of-mouth referrals and Yelp reviews…I think that’s how I found her.

We had previously discussed all the particulars on the phone, like what services I wanted, price, etc. All she had to do was perform the services and we had her payment plus tip in cash and waiting. The whole thing took about two hours! I was cooking dinner for Dave, it was nice to almost finish a meal in peace, without the wanton, begging eyes on us, but alas…she got done too quick!

Beautiful Whiskey

They walked in and I squealed with delight at how good they looked! She had put these sparkly gold scarves on them, which I loved! I still haven’t taken them off, although I should so their little necks can breathe. Both gave me that quizzical look when I took their pictures. I love it! I especially love how pretty they are after grooming, and how good they smell! The plus is it was less traumatic for them because I didn’t have to take them, they didn’t have to spend hours in a cage waiting, or hear other dogs frantically barking and whining all day. It looked like she was an instant hit with them, and she was very affordable too!


We may have found our new groomer! What do you think??

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