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WOD & SoCS Challenge 2-19-22 A Pretty Day

Valentine’s flowers still pretty!

Today was a pretty day, therefore traffic was heavy and it was crowded everywhere we went!

Saturdays we typically run errands but today I think Dave was still in vacation mode and we farted around doing whatever we wanted to. I was like ”whatever” because I didn’t have anything in particular I needed to do.

First, we went to this new bulk store in the mall and I scored a new Diamond Art project (that I will probably give to my son and his girlfriend to do)for $7, and a soft sweatshirt for $6. Dave bought nothing. Then we were off to Grapevine with the thought of Mexican food at Esparza’s. We had to change course once we saw the parking lot and went to Bass Pro shops while we waited for the crowd to thin out.

Well, that didn’t happen! We looked everywhere, even the public lots near the restaurant, yet there were none available! So we changed gears again and headed downtown Ft Worth to go to my other favorite, Los Vaqueros to get our Mexican fix…again. I swear, we eat waaaay too much Mexican food! 🤣 Whatever, it’s our favorite. Along the way, Dave called Chris who was close enough to meet us for an early dinner. I was craving his company, not having seen him since before our vacation, so that was cool with me.

THAT place was bustling too!! In fact, the whole area in the stockyards was packed! We got a seat sooner than they promised though, so I felt good about our experience. Chris took a while to arrive, we’d already gone through two baskets of chips, but he did just in time to place our dinner order. I’m back on skinny margaritas because there’s less sugar, and as mine arrived, I degusted it. I forgot to tell them no salt on the rim, so it was salty and limey, but drinkable. Chris and Dave had Coronaritas-the frozen margarita with a Corona stuck in it.

We enjoyed Chris’s company, talked about his job, our vacation, and dinner. I had brisket tacos and they had enchiladas. We never caught our favorite waitress’s eye to say hi, she was way too busy anyway, but our waitress was also very good and attentive. When we left we took the scenic route back home. It was such a pretty day, I think Dave just felt like driving. We do that more often than we get things done, but whatever. We aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on our next big project anyway, but its coming soon. (remodeling the master bath)

I also had my first ever Cold Brew from Starbucks-sugar-free, of course- and I am still feeling the effects. Not sure if it is because I ate a small breakfast, or they are just too strong for me. It made me feel dizzy and disoriented, even after the margarita I have felt weird. I’m pounding the water now so I can even myself out. I also forgot to mention that we got some new spice for making breakfast sausage while we were at Bass Pro Shop. Country maple. It’s gonna be delicious!
We are also still enjoying the summer sausage we made about a month ago. We love our new hobby and it’s one we can enjoy together.

All in all, its been a great, relaxing day. 🤗 I hope yours has too!

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One thought on “WOD & SoCS Challenge 2-19-22 A Pretty Day

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice you enjoyed it’s. Wonderful & pretty valentine’s Day flowers. I like. Delicious Mexican food. Beautiful share your mall visiting and purchase diamond art project. Visited restaurant took dinner. I am so happy 👌🌷

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