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My Poor Baby! 2-22-22 WOD Challenge

Whiskey before the vet

My sweet girl is just miserable!

I had to take her in today for the scheduled teeth cleaning, after almost 3 rounds of antibiotics. She came home with 13 less teeth!! Poor thing was still partially under the effects of the anesthesia, so she just kept moving her head from side to side. Then came the hunger. She whined and whined until I was like, ”I’d rather clean up a mess than listen to her cry all night,” and attempted to feed her a tiny bit of canned food. She sniffed it, but must have known it was a bad idea.

Now she is finally calm and resting next to David. Meanwhile, we had to eat separately in the kitchen like ninjas, being as quiet as we could, so she wouldn’t hear us and start crying again.

I’m not looking forward to bedtime, because I don’t want the fight about putting her in the crate or not, but our bed is so high, I don’t want her to try to jump down and hurt herself. I’m hoping she has enough medication in her system that she sleeps good once we all go down for the night. The next hurdle will be tomorrow, getting her to eat and take her medicine. Sometimes it’s tough being a pet parent. 😉

Brandy is also confused, not understanding what is wrong with her ”sissy.” Cold weather is coming, so I’m under a blanket on the couch, trying to console everyone. The cat is just the cat, insouciant to everything, laying on her blanket unconcerned about a thing but when she gets fed next. 🤣

I guess we’ll be buying some more canned food! They said soft food for the next two weeks. Finish her last round of antibiotics and doggy Mobic for the pain. (kind of like Advil to us). Doesn’t sound strong enough for having 13 teeth pulled, but maybe it isn’t as traumatic for them as it is for us. Pray for smooth sailing tomorrow! I know Dave will be worried as he has to go to work like normal, then snow and ice to deal with on Thursday. Ugh, what a week already, but we will get through all of it. 🙏🙏

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