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WOD Challenge 2-23-22 Oops, What a Mess!

Not good eats!

It’s been another one of THOSE days in the Smyth kitchen this morning.

I thought, “well I’m gonna be stuck inside for a couple of days, I’ve got limited space in the fridge, so I’ll make some steel-cut oatmeal in individual servings in my muffin tin”. I had all the ingredients I needed, whipped out muffin tin, and assembled my ingredients.

As I worked, some nagging thought at the back of my mind was trying to remind me of something, but I didn’t remember what, so I just went ahead and mixed it all up. The plan was to put the dry ingredients into the silicone-lined muffin tin and pour the wet ingredients on top. You line it with silicone so the servings would pop right out and I could freeze them until I was ready.

Normally, I make this in a 4-qt casserole dish and it comes out perfect every time. Well, as I started putting the dry ingredients in the 6-cup muffin tin, I realized ‘this isn’t going to fit, maybe I used my 12-cup muffin tin.’ However, I stupidly ignored that feeling too.

Sure enough, oops! I had way too much milk mixture to make it work, so I got out the casserole dish and poured everything in there and mixed it up, then stupidly tried again to pour it into the 6-cup muffin tin. Am I stubborn or what???

At this point, my mess just keeps getting bigger. I grab the bigger muffin tin and pour what was left (which included most of the oats) into the next 5 cups. Needless to say, baking the mess did not fix it. I may have salvaged 4 or 5 servings, but those first six did not contain enough oats and fell into an ooey, gooey mess. I had to trash all of that one.

Lesson learned, listen to that voice in the back of your mind, especially when it speaks up twice!!

Word of the Day Challenge

For those concerned, Whiskey is doing well today. She took her food and then Brandy’s, and both of her medicine doses. She was even barking and wrestling around with her this morning! I’m so glad she is resilient!


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