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Friday’s News 2-25-22

Hey, before I get to today’s blog, I have a very important question. Why, when I make a comment in the reader to other bloggers does it come back saying ”label”? It’s so frustrating!

Also, my editor is slow as molasses, and won’t autocorrect anymore! arrggghhhh!!!

Today’s post starts with my thoughts on the whole Ukraine situation. I don’t know much about politics, or world affairs, but I’m not so stupid I can’t see this is a very dangerous occurrence. Will we be next? I realize that sometime during the pandemic, we all stopped watching as much news, but we can’t stick our heads in the sand as a nation and pretend nothing is happening. Cyberattacks are possible, why not other kinds. What’s to stop him from coming over here and trying something, especially now that these sanctions have been imposed? Of course, I’m extremely concerned and praying for Ukraine, but frankly I’m more than a little concerned for the US! Should we be getting ready in case our government can’t or won’t keep us safe?

I can’t even imagine what those poor people are going through, running from their homes, fleeing to wherever they can find safety with only what they could fit in their cars or worse, carry on their backs! What if that happened here? People better get their heads out of their phones and pay attention to what’s going on. If nothing else, we need to pray…hard! Pray this craziness stops, pray for the Ukrainian people, pray for our leaders. Pray for strength and wisdom in case what is happening over there starts happening right here. 🙏🙏

I encourage you to read the Morning Brew and/or 1440 Daily Digest and take a deep dive into the articles you read there. Click the links, look at the pictures. Don’t ignore this. If you feel small and insignificant, then pray. I know that for most of us, its the only thing that we can physically do. I have no power to change anything or to make anything happen, but I can pray. So can you. I have been praying since the night before the war was official, and I will keep on praying and keeping my eye on the situation. I’m going to watch the sky and stay alert. It’s easy in our world today to get distracted, block it out, turn it off, run and hide. But it’s time to pay attention.

God in heaven, hear our prayers. Help our leaders make the right decisions. Protect our country. I believe in You and have faith that you will end this conflict. I’m asking my fellow Americans to do the same and pray with me. Amen. 🙏🙏


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