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WOD Challenge 2-24-22 Happy Birthday, Dave!

My love.

Today is my best friend, main man, and partner in crime’s birthday!

Say Happy Birthday to Dave, everybody!

Unfortunately, he is at work and the weather is a bit of a bummer. Ice and snow, although light this time, is making for hazardous working and driving conditions. I hope he stays warm and safe throughout the day.

I’m thinking of making him a special dessert because he won’t give me any hints on a gift. Maybe I will cook him (or buy him) supper as well. This is our usual “date” night, but sadly, that is not going to happen with this weather. So date night will be here instead.

He loves carrot cake, so if I have all the necessary ingredients (and I think I do) I’m going to make him a mini carrot cake. Luckily, I have a recipe on my iPad, so I won’t need a magnifying glass to read some old recipe from an ancient cookbook. All I have to do is search on Pinterest and bam!! Instant recipe!

On a different subject for a moment, I have found the most useful thing to help me sleep well since CBD. It is called a sleep mask, lol. Took me long enough to discover this, right?! 😉

Mine is silky and features pics of cartoon puppies. WHAT A GAME-CHANGER! No, it doesn’t stop Dave’s snoring, but it does block out that annoying blue light that stays on once you turn off the TV. Or light peeking through the blinds. Whatever light keeps you up at night.

I have long ago stopped taking half of a Valium at night, preferring some form of CBD instead. In fact, I have a new Delta8 Vape Pen that tastes like a creamsicle, and one poof before bed usually does the trick. Remember, this product is made from hemp, so it is safe and non-habit-forming. I don’t use it all day, but on a day like today, when totally cooped up inside, I totally could. I have actually been wondering if I did, would it help with my creativity? Because sometimes, after my nightly poof, I start writing stories in my head. I have to tell my brain to shut up and go to sleep! So, I wonder if it would work that way during the day?

In yet other news, I have been doing great on my daily workouts, thanks to Michelle at Boomer Eco Crusader and with publishing more stories on Medium. I have spruced up my profile page and started self-publishing a few pieces to see how well they are received, now that I have almost 1000 followers. Today I submitted one to a pub called Write to Inspire explaining how my Apple Watch helps me stay motivated and how it can be for anyone else who has one. I will keep you posted if it’s published and share it here when and if it is.

That’s all for now, I better go make sure I have what it takes to bake that cake! Stay warm and safe everyone!

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8 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 2-24-22 Happy Birthday, Dave!

  1. Happy Birthday, Dave! Hope the whole week is fun for both of you and carrot cake is the best!

    I couldn’t find the Boomer page.😢

    When my eyes wake up I’ll go check out what you’ve shared out there.

    Ugh, I need to spend time sprucing my page.

    You are an inspiration!

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