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SoCS 3-5-22 Production All Around

Our new Casper mattress.

Good afternoon on this partly coudy, windy March day. 🌞

I have a few things to talk about and some news to share. I will try to work in Linda G Hill’s prompt for SoCS-Stream of Conciousness Saturday:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. Enjoy!

Yesterday was a massive day for me production-wise. I washed my car, all the outside windows on the backside of the house, all the kitchen appliances, worked out, and after dinner we played pool which added additional movement, so I closed all my rings on my Apple Watch-way to go me!! That makes maybe three times that I’ve accomplished that goal since I got my watch. That isn’t many, but I’m hoping to start achieving it on a regular basis.

We recently made the decision to make all of the dog’s food, (kibble may be what is causing all of Brandy’s skin allergies) so today we went looking for canning equipment, but decided we needed to do further study on the subject, so we just came home with some ground turkey. And Dave bought us a new Casper mattress, saving us $$$ in the process, so way to go Dave! Its another mattress that comes in a box, you simply unfold and unwrap it and lay it on the bed and it fills to the proper size in just a few minutes. I can hardly wait to get in bed tonite and see how it feels! We had gone a few weekends ago and looked at new mattresses in an actual sleep shop, and they are in the thousands of dollars. We got this one at Sam’s for around $600.

Two of my boys have prospects for new jobs, so way to go Sean and Josh! Wish them luck, won’t you?

I’m off to fold clothes and put the sheets in the dryer so we can make our new bed up with freshly laundered bedding. Mmmm, dream time awaits! Sweet dreams, everyone!


10 thoughts on “SoCS 3-5-22 Production All Around

  1. Way to go! Amazing accomplishments to you, hubby, and sons! Hope your new mattress works wonders for sleep. I bought a similar mattress a couple years ago. We found it funny that it came in such a small box. But poof! And it became such a comfy mattress. And it is lightweight so turning it every so often is easy for just me! My only problem was the first night there was a bit of off-gassing. But that went away quickly.

    By the way, you are amazing. I am happy if I make 2k steps so far. But spring is here, I think so my new watch and I are getting inspired to get out there.

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