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WOD Challenge 3-28-22 Jubilant Company

What a nice weekend we just had!

Dave and I at Wes’s birthday party.

Pool playing, just my hubby and me on Friday night. A wonderful birthday celebration with some jubilant good times on Saturday afternoon-early evening. Family dinner, just us and our boys and Shari yesterday.

My friend Julie’s husband Wes has a birthday on Wednesday, but Julie wanted to surprise him on Saturday with a small party at a BBQ place close to their home. Heim BBQ was where we went, and oh my!!! It was very expensive but oh, so delicious. I think I gained five pounds from that one meal! To top that off, Julie made the most fabulous cake that was so good, no one knew the “frosting” was sugar-free!

Wes, the birthday boy!

The guests included old friends and neighbors as well as a co-worker of Julie’s. She is one of my oldest friends and a former co-worker herself. Wes is the best thing that ever happened to her besides the birth of her grand and great-grandchildren. I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself, even if he said he didn’t want a fuss made about his birthday.

Her across-the-street neighbor, Steve, kept us in stitches the entire time, and I loved catching up with one of Julie’s friends, Sandy, whom I met at a previous gathering. She was there with her husband, Chuck, who is her opposite in every way. You have to wonder what makes some couples click, don’t ya? She is like me, outgoing and social. She’s also funny, and independent. Religious. Beautiful. Smoothest skin I’ve ever seen on a 68-year-old. I told her so.

Hate to cut this short, but I have to go see what the cat just dragged in. Ya’ll have a marvelous Monday!

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 3-28-22 Jubilant Company

  1. When I had just pulled up your blog dad took me outside to enjoy the weather! I left it on the picture of you and Dave, and we both agree that is the best picture!

    Glad you had a good weekend and a great time at the birthday party! What did the cat Drag in?

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    • Haha, she brought a tree lizard in but the dogs had grabbed it and I found them all in the bedroom 🥴It was dead or dying so I took it outside.
      Thank you, I like that picture too!
      I’m glad you got to enjoy the weather. 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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