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WOD Challenge 4-12-22

My books all say that one of the ”symptoms” of grief is being forgetful.

Well, I guess I’m still grieving then, because if my head wasn’t attached, I’d probably forget that too. And it’s not just that, I’m still having trouble establishing any kind of routine. I have to make notes to remember appointments. Maybe that’s normal for my age, or maybe it’s because I’m still working through my grief.

I’m meeting my best friend at my dad’s today to let her visit the house one more time while we wait for the guys from Ft. Worth Billiards to come dismantle the pool table and then take it to her house. I’m so glad she is still my friend after all these years. She deserves to go through the house, as we shared a lot together growing up. I must remember to take a box of pictures with me so she can go through them and see if there are some she wants.

Come to think of it, I should go grab that right now.

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