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Still Exercising!

Working out with Shellea

Ok, to be fair, its only five days a week, but that should still give me some benefits, right?

I love to mix it up, one day with one of Shellea’s 30-minute walking workout, another day with Marion and her 30- minute walking workout to the 80’s, then the next day back with Shellea and fast walk/calorie burn in 30-minutes video. They are easy to do, easy to follow, low-impact for us ladies over 50, and I have to say, I may not be losing weight yet, but I feel stronger. These were harder for me when I started a few months ago, but now the time just flies by!

Marion’s workout

Let me explain quickly that the format for most of these ”walking” workouts, you walk for 30-60 seconds followed by an exercise move for 30-60 seconds. This breaks up the monotony and gives you a total body workout. For example, in the move Shellea is doing in the pictured video, we walk for 60 seconds while holding our arms out and pulsing them for the whole time. Other moves are leg lifts, boxing, toe taps, skaters, and easy dance moves. Heck, you can even manage this workout if you are tired or unmotivated! I felt like that today because I took my CBD too early (is my guess).

Once its done, I always feel better having done my exercise and closed my ring. (on my Apple Watch) Today, I felt tired, bloated, and unmotivated, but I managed it anyway. Now my ring is closed, I feel better about myself, even if I’m still tired. Btw, you can choose to walk the whole time, or do the moves, or do your own version of the moves, just keep moving!

Rings almost closed! Last night, they were all closed by bedtime!

Another btw, anyone with one of these watches knows replacement bands, if bought through Apple, are $50 per band, but I got a pack of 6 different colors through Amazon for under $13!

I am so grateful for Michelle (Boomer-EcoCrusader) for sharing these workouts on Pinterest, and YouTube! For me, walking outside s dangerous because of my knees and ankle after so many injuries. These workouts are safe and simple that almost anyone can do.


14 thoughts on “Still Exercising!

  1. I am so thrilled that you are taking initiative and having determination to keep it going. Do you do it at different times during those 5 days? Do you do it in your living room or where? Will you change things up in the summer when the pool opens? Just keep moving, that is my motto as well!

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    • Yes! I do it in my living room at different times of the day. No! I will keep it up even after the pool opens because I can’t track my movements in the pool. That would be awesome though! 🤗

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  2. Now that the weather is turning cold, I’m trying to force myself to do exercise inside. It’s so important and like you said, you feel better afterwards, even despite the scale not budging. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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