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WOD Challenge 4-26-22 Cabochon

Red garnet cabochon

Once upon a time, I used to make jewelry. One of my first big projects involved seed beads, woven in such a way they formed a bolo tie, and in the center was supposed to be a red cabochon, or carbuncle.

I never found one. The one I was looking for was actually red turquoise, but the closest I found was orange-ish. It’s still in the baggie in my jewelry supplies. Let me go dig it out and show you a picture of it.

Unfinished bolo tie

The gem would be glued to the silver piece and the strings of the bolo tie go through that.

Below is a picture of some other examples of plain bolo ties with gems.

Taken from youtube

Maybe someday I’ll find one and finish this piece. 😊

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