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WOD Challenge 5-22-22 Cuddle Bugs

Josh with Whiskey and Brandy sitting next to him.

My dogs give the most cuddles in the morning while we are still in bed.

But, even so, they have their cuddly moments. I have pics with each boy, my husband, and myself showing (mainly Whiskey) showing her cuddly side. That’s because she craves human contact more than Brandy.

Sean getting some rare cuddles.

I can’t explain why that is, it’s just her nature. Brandy has more of the Yorkie in her than Whisky, who is mostly Shi-tzu.

I had pretty much the same bonding experience with Brandy when she was a baby as I did with Whiskey, but our bond is closer. She is usually laying in such a way that her body is alongside my leg, however, if I get up, she will move alongside David’s leg.

With Brandy’s thin coat, you would think she would act the same, needing the warmth, but she is Miss Independent. In the morning is a different story. She will inchworm her way from the foot of the bed to get next to us for kisses, belly rubs and hugs…and then she’s done.

David literally has to pick her up and put her in his lap to pet her or get any other kind of cuddle time. Unless of course, it’s her idea. Her second favorite time of day is when he gets home from work, and then Katie bar the door, because she is running to meet him, usually with a toy or abone in her mouth. It’s always funny to see her trying to give kisses with one of those items in her mouth.

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