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WOD Challenge 5-23-22 Super Day!

What a great and productive day my brother and I had!

Mom’s cedar chest with sheets and blankets.

We had lots of things left over from the estate sale, and I had specific plans for a good bit of it.

My plan was to take the clothes to the Leukemia Society, the sheets, blankets, and towels to the animal shelter, the puzzles and the dvds to a couple of different assisted living facilities, and the vases to a local florist. I love the idea of our unused items getting a second life.

I thought I was done, between that and my own errands and housework, but then my brother called and wanted me to help him with a few more things. He brought me lunch, and I thought, ”well, a little while longer won’t hurt me and we’ll knock a few more things off the list.” I finished my errands and met him at Dad’s around 1pm.

Dad had collected boxes of taxes and receipts, so Kevin loaded all of those to dispose them, and we had floor to ceiling bookshelves that needed to be emptied and taken somewhere. This is what happened in a nutshell. While he was dealing with the boxes of receipts, I was going to box up the books, but Sean took the packing tape home with him. So Kevin took his truck load home to unload and grab his tape.

While he did that, I decided to bag all the paperbacks and we would box up all the hardbacks when he got back. So we did all that, loaded everything in the back of his truck, and he was about to leave and take them to Half-Priced Books, when a customer from Saturday pulled up in front of the house. Turned out, she wanted all the books and the cedar chest!! I looked at my brother like ”You gotta be kidding me” but he made her a deal and she took it all, the whole load! He was nice enough to take it all to her house and help her unload it.

Now for the sad part. I was on my way home when all this happened, but I could not let him handle that heavy cedar chest on his own. So I helped him load that heavy thing onto his tailgate, after shlepping all those books to his truck, and then I was toast. I was told by my hubby not to overdo it today, and I did just that! 😬🙄😮‍💨

I was still happy and thought the day turned out super! I popped two Tylenol the minute I got home and sat down to reward myself with the taped episode of Grays Anatomy and do my Spanish lessons. My cat crawled in my lap and went sound asleep. She actually was across my left breast with her bottom half on the couch. All of a sudden, something scared her (the dogs made a movement) and she shot straight up in the air, smashing her head into my left cheek on her way to flying across my end table, scratching the shit out of my arm on the way, and knocked over a whole tumbler of water and ice, clearing everything else off the table.

All of this happened in two seconds! I sat there stunned and holding my face for a couple of minutes wondering what the hell just happened! Then I got up to clean the mess, having to mop for a second time today did not make me happy. That most of it landed on the wood floor was a pressing matter. I had to get that up quick before it ruined my floor. In the midst of that, I had to stop and go bandage my now bleeding arm. Once I cleaned everything up, I got some ice and rotated it between my face, my knee and my back.

Needless to say, I did not go to my grief support meeting tonight, but I still say it was a super day despite all of this! I thought that tomorrow I can catch up on all I didn’t get to do today at home, then my son texted me.

“Can you pick Shari up and take her home tomorrow around 1:30?


“No problem,” I answered.

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