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WOD Challenge 6-10-22 Wind

How do you describe wind?

With a photo, of course!

Por Supuesto!

Now, on a completely different subject, I wear a watch I don’t have to wind! How we gonna play this one today? 😉

And now, a brief ode to Dan’s sweet Maddie

“The answer my friend,

Is blowin’ in the wind

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

So sorry for your loss, Dan. She will be greatly missed by us all. 😞💕🙏

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6 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 6-10-22 Wind

    • That’s cool he still has one like that! I love my Apple Watch! I just found out today I can wear it into the swimming pool! And I don’t even have the fanciest one! Mine is a series 3, but it’s till waterproof up to fifty ft deep. You lock it with an app, then rotate the dial when you get out and it unlocks and removes any water. I think they are sealed really well though because mine didn’t drain anything. ☺️

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