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WOD Challenge 7-3-22 Be An Ambassador

Be an ambassador for God! Please keep the faith, keep praying-it works! Be a messenger of hope! If enough of us do this and stand together, we can defeat satan!!

Spiritual rant aside, now on to a different subject.

If we go through with this plan of ours, and yes, there’s been talk of other things, I will surely be an ambassador for Good Sam! Since I was up early again this morning, I researched it some more.

In addition to discounts at hundreds of places, they also provide emergency roadside assistance, insurance for your RV, travel assistance, extended warranties, and so much more! I figured up it would probably be about $4 or $5 hundred a year to get all of the options they offer, but it would be so worth it for peace of mind on the road. And a basic membership can be purchased for 1-3 years.

Just for kicks, I looked up some of the Good Sam authorized RV Parks in the Port Aransas/Rockport area, and they are beautiful, rated a 9 or 10 for amenities and services, and are all at a 10% discounted rate for lot space. And, like I mentioned in a previous post, if you join a Workamp opportunity, depending on the length of your stay, you could get free campsites!!

One of the other ideas floating around between my husband and I is still the option of purchasing a lake house on Toledo Bend, but in my heart, I feel that traveling is what we both want to do, at least for a few years. I will say that the option of buying a fifth-wheel and a new diesel truck is considerably cheaper than having to buy a bus and a truck. I thought we’d be losing a good amount of storage in a fifth-wheel, but Dave says no, they have plenty underneath.

Wish me luck today telling my boys of the plans, my anxiety is back up again!

Other than that, please have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!! 😎💥🍔🌽🌶🌭🍟🍻🍹

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7 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 7-3-22 Be An Ambassador

    • An RV is a recreational vehicle 🚗 and the ones we are looking at will become our new home! Look at the picture on my previous post, it’s the size of a bus, has a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen on it. People drive them all over the US and visit RV parks with hookups, swimming pools, clubhouses, and things to do in the area. That’s how we want to live for a few years before we settle down for good. ☺️

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