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WOD Challenge 7-6-22 How I’m Feeling

Excited About the Adventure Ahead

Ever feel like you’re headed into the wild blue yonder not knowing exactly what’s ahead but excited for the adventure anyway?? That’s how I’m feeling some days.

Other days when we’ve had a change in plan I might feel like I’m riding a roller coaster- up one minute and down the next.

Thank goodness the anxiety has lessened a little bit. Especially now that I’m in cleaning mode. I’ve started cleaning out bathrooms, thinning down my stuff, throwing away stuff, and making a box for a lady in my neighborhood who lost everything.

Class C Motorhome

The Newest Plan

It doesn’t help things that the plan keeps changing. Just as I’m feeling a certain way about one plan, David comes home the next day and says, ”let’s think about this option.” So the latest idea is to buy ourselves a Class C motorhome, and some property on Toledo Bend lake or possibly Lake Tawakoni. I actually like that plan, because we can still travel, but having a home to go when we get done or need a break gives us peace of mind…and we don’t have to pay for monthly storage for all of our furniture.

All these feelings I’m having are perfectly normal for anyone in my situation. All-in-all I feel positive and hopeful that everything is going to be alright. 😊 I just have to stay busy and focused so I don’t get in my head too much. I hate being without a car too, because sometimes when I’m feeling scattered, I’ll go to the park, or wander around the dollar store to center myself. Today I used exercise. I felt better soon after. ☺️

What do you think of our new plan? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, by the way, the house will probably go on the market next week, so I need to go get busy!

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11 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 7-6-22 How I’m Feeling

  1. Why really really like the new plan! Having an actual place to call home sweet home because everybody enjoys coming back home after traveling and like you said you would not have to pay for storage on your furniture! Think that everything will work out perfectly for you both however, we messed talked about how quickly you are going to get your house On the market! That seems so quick! I am assuming everything went well telling the boys and the in-laws?

    I have a new Dragon, got it today! I guess because my computer with some new air was not being compatible with my old Dragon. Christina helped me to install the new one! It is working well but there are a few differences that I am still learning. But it is that understanding I voice so much better! Hugs to you both!

    PS-just make sure that your house is WC accessible so that I can come visit!

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    • Yes, it went well! Of course I was ready for it to go on the market last week, lol, because we can stay with Kevin until we find the RV we want or the lake house we want.
      That’s great news about the Dragon! I’m sure it will be a learning curve but you are smart and diligent! You’ll have it down in no time!
      I threw three Walmart bags of crap away just out of my two bathrooms! It’s a start!


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