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WOD Challenge 7-20-22 This and That

Today I decided I would talk to you about some things that don’t bore you even though they might interest me. 😂🤣

Home made dog food.

Have I showed you this before? This is a stew I make for my dogs. It’s so versatile, you can make it with hamburger or turkey and any vegetables you want. Just type in easy dog food recipes on Pinterest and you’ll find a bunch.

This morning I went to make the bed and this is what I found.

Callie’s new sleeping place.

And now, how about this, would you eat this broccoli?

Brown and dried out spots.

Well, the other night, I made broccoli salad with them and we ate it and they tasted fine but I had diarrhea the next day. Now, was that from the broccoli salad or a reaction from my shingles vaccine? Who knows?

Now for another random thought, my favorite Christmas Time rock group is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. (I had to find a way to fit in the word of the day. 😉🤣)

Now for another interesting tidbit, we are growing melons in our garden that we didn’t even plant!

A volunteer canteloupe.

Cantaloupe and honeydew melons are growing in our garden voluntarily due to our compost.

And now for a couple of fur baby pics.

I wish this cat could relax 😎 🤣

A rare site indeed, both pups in the same bed.

Proof that Dave pets the cat sometimes. 🤣😂😉

Finally, since no one ever takes a picture of me around here, I took a selfie so you could see my blonde hair. It looked better when I fixed it this morning but then I went outside for a while and it fell flat, lol.

Me and my new look.

I went in to get highlights and came out mostly blonde, but I like it! Besides the fact that I should’ve put lipstick on before I took the picture lol! 🤣 Well I hope you enjoy these random bits and pieces today-sometimes you just need a less stressful blog post! 😉💕🏖

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2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 7-20-22 This and That

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Very interesting you share it’s. Beautiful Dave’s photo . What & which ingredients use homemade dog food.? So nice blonded hair look. 👍🌷!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! ☺️💕
      I just throw a pound of hamburger in the crockpot and add one or two cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of water, a half cup of rice, half a small pkg of frozen vegetables, half cup of a starchy veggie like potatoes or butternut squash. I season with Tumeric powder, and nutritional yeast, put the lid on and cook it on high for 4-5 hours. 🤗


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