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WOD Challenge 7-19-22 Whew! TCFC!

Wow, guys, that was too close for comfort!

The mood was decidedly somber last night after Dave announced that the price to insure the Rv was so high that we may not be able to purchase our RV after all. On top of that, the cost to secure a tow rig for a vehicle was $4,000! If we keep taking hits like those before a wheel ever rolls on this thing, we are never going to make it. We might have been suffering from a little gad last night.

Then came the call with our insurance agent Mr. Rooney, who gave Dave some new numbers that sounded a lot better. Dave also talked to the seller, who threw in the towbar and lowered the price of the RV another thousand dollars. Dave took the night to sleep on it. Then, sometime this morning, he called me and said he’s going to by it! I still can’t bring myself to get excited yet, maybe once I know for sure the deal is done and the bus is ours.

Mind you, I had already made my mind up to be grateful no matter the outcome. I just figured we’d go back to the drawing board and maybe take another look at the Class C motorhomes. Still, we both knew we wanted the bus, and agonized over how we could make it happen. Actually, Dave did more of that than me, I just waited to hear what the insurance agent said. I truly believe that 1) my brother was praying for a good outcome for us, and 2) if it’s meant to be, it will come to pass.

I’m feeling more optimistic that we will be gadding about the countryside in the not too distant future.

In other news, I had my second shingles vaccine yesterday, and while the first one didn’t affect me whatsoever, this one is whooping my butt. Last night I had fever so hot I woke up freezing and chattering my teeth. I made myself get up and take some Tylenol, and the fever broke but I still felt crummy when I got up this morning. The injection site is hot and sore, and I’ve been sick to my stomach all day. I am managing to get stuff done between breaks of sitting and resting. it’s about time to take some more Tylenol, so I will let you go and holler back with updates as they come in.

Has anyone else had the shingles vaccines and did you have a bad reaction to one or the other? let me know in the comments.

See ya next time!

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