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#SoCS 7-23-22 You’re Invited

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the first 2-5 words at the top of the closest printed matter.” Open (if necessary) the closest printed matter to you. Use the first 2-5 words at the top of the page any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

You are cordially invited to come into my world through my blog whenever I decide to post, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever!

I got my prompt words off of a circular that came in the mail for one of those deals where you get a free dinner if you go listen to a presentation of some kind. In my case, it was to hear about retirement planning, which I don’t need because I already have a great team on that. Oddly enough, I found them in much the same way! They did a presentation for women only at my local TC Jr College a few years ago. I attended, was impressed, and brought all the facts I learned about how necessary it is to start retirement planning early, and shared them with David. I was so surprised when he told me he was on board with the idea and we went together to the meeting Angela and Scott reserved for us at the presentation.

So, sometimes it’s worth it to sit through these types of presentations, however, we didn’t get a free dinner with that one. 😉

We did get a wonderful retirement planning team that has set us on the right path though. We really need to touch base with them and let them know about our recent purchase. 😳😁


16 thoughts on “#SoCS 7-23-22 You’re Invited

    • No you don’t need a special listen e but my husband has his CDL and will also be taking a course on driving it because it’s so big and there’s so much to learn! We will have to tow a vehicle, so it’s best to take a course and learn everything you need to know before you hit the road!

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    • Aww, thank you, Dan.
      I’ve been meaning to ask, how’s the “Editor”? You haven’t mentioned her much lately, but I noticed your errors have mostly disappeared 😉☺️
      I can’t wait to have a travel blog! I love sharing with everyone!

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      • The Editor is toughing it out in the heat, but doing well. I might be getting better at spotting my own errors, after crawling through these books looking for the missing comma or the run on sentence. Mainly, I’m not getting these posts written in time for them to be edited.

        Your travel blog will be wonderful!

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      • Thank you, I hope so! I’m so glad the Editor is well and doing fine! I imagine she’s cuddling more with the cats in Maddie’s absence? I know that must have been a hard loss for both of you. 😌 Still, I’m wishing for continued peace and comfort.

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      • It is hard. We miss Maddie more than we did the first three. She needed us so much for support, that one of us was always with her. Everything we do used to be connected to that dog.

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