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WOD Challenge 8-7-22 Do I Need Approval?

The pics of my house are back and they look great! But I have a question.

Am I allowed to share with you or on social media before the actual listing goes live this Wednesday? Do I need their approval before sharing with my blogger buddies? They said I could share with my friends and y’all are my friends! ☺️

First batch

Second batch

Last batch

I couldn’t make the link from the photographer’s email work, so I took screenshot of three pages. You won’t be able to enlarge a single picture, but the whole page will enlarge if you stretch them like any other pictures. Anyone want a house in Texas? 😉😂☺️

I worked three days to get the house this clean and shiny but the photographer really worked her magic with light and camera angles. I was amazed how good they looked!

Now let’s see how long it’s going to take to sell after the listing goes live! I’m feeling blessed regardless, not in a hurry as the plans are ever changing. Honestly, at this point I’m more concerned with getting what we are asking for it so we can plan accordingly.

Real estate has gone up, as you probably know, and I believe that’s why so many people are moving to Texas from states like California, because they are used to so much higher mortgage rates. Saying that, I believe we will be listing somewhere in the neighborhood of $410,000. It is totally on par with the comps in our neighborhood.

If anyone is interested in seeing the listing when it goes live, I’ll share that too.
Say a prayer for us, if you don’t mind. It would really help us make the next decision easier. 🤗

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 8-7-22 Do I Need Approval?

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wow, those are wonderful all photos. Beautiful bedroom, kitchen, very big swimming pool. Iam so glad. Good you plan 👍
    Thank you share it’s, Kim🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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