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WOD Challenge 8-8-22 Do You Know One of These?

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A pathological liar is someone who has no control over their lying.

(Quote by Aimee Daramus) PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and author of “Understanding Bipolar Disorder.

“People who lie pathologically often tell lies about things that don’t matter, for no apparent reason.“

Unfortunately, I do know this person (possibly persons) and they are members of my own family…in fact, I gave birth to them. This is one of those times I’m glad my kids don’t read my blog. 🤣

However, that isn’t to say this is a serious issue, but you learn how to deal with it. The way we deal is that unless we see it with our own eyes, we don’t believe it. For instance, if he were to say, “I bought a car today” and we see said car, fine. But if he were to say, “I looked for a job today,” I may or may not believe it.

He lies without meaning to sometimes because he’s so used to doing it, I don’t think he even knows when he is or isn’t anymore. Or, he often believes his own lies.

It’s sad, because he knows this and doesn’t understand why we don’t trust him. Yet when the behavior is repeated so many times one loses trust, what are we supposed to do? We’ve been lied to so many times, when he IS telling the truth, we have no way of knowing anymore.

Maybe we should have made him write the exercise above! I believe in his case, it might be a chemical imbalance. Along with ADD and depression, he suffers from alcoholism and drug use. (Mostly pot) but he’s had his share of doctor ordered medicine as well. He quit taking it when he turned 18 and we had no say in what he did.

Still and all, he is my child and I love him, I understand his way of reasoning, and being that he is in his 30’s now, I’ve done it all, said it all, and nothing works anyway. So I just had to decide to let it go for the most part. I feel for parents in this same situation. Watch and listen to your kids. Try to catch it early. Get them treatment. Then, if they still grow up and their behavior hasn’t changed, at least you can feel like you did your best! He really is good hearted, even if he has his issues. He is also funny, and forever young at heart. His two brother’s protector, always.

It may or may not have helped my son, but we regret not being more consistent with going to church when they were young, and trying harder when it came to discipline. Don’t think we did NOT discipline, we did! It just didn’t work. Therapy and counseling. Nope. Antidepressants and Ritalin, for a while. Spanking and/or deprivation, no. Should have insisted on church, but I’ve heard of kids who went religiously and still have all my son’s problems.

What are your thoughts and do you have relationships like pathological lying in your life?

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7 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 8-8-22 Do You Know One of These?

  1. I think it is more common than you would think! It hurts my heart to know that my brother is the same, and he just turned 50. Christina deals with this as well. She read your blog to me today and wanted me to share this with you, she highly recommend the book “Never to be lied again” by David J Lieberman, PhD! She has read it several times! Probably will again! I tried to get it on audible but it is not there:( Hope you get a chance to read it. It was like the lady said in the above comment that you did the best you could know it is about letting go and letting God!

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    • I know you know the struggle is real! And Christina too! What’s frustrating is why? When children are raised together in the same house, with the same values, why does one turn out so differently. It really does make you question you parenting skills. 😐
      But, I never ever give up hope and prayer! 🙏💕

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