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WOD Challenge 10-17-22 No Broken Appendages

Image credit: Carter Brink for Unsplash

Yesterday, I got lucky.

I decided to try a little bit of yogurt thinking the bacteria would be healing for my stomach. I made myself a tiny bowl with a few spoonfuls of Oikos triple X sugar free vanilla yogurt and started to walk back to my chair to consume it.

My brother has a sunken living room, which means lots of stepping up and down from adjacent rooms. I went to step down, my right foot turned, and down I went. I had the presence of mind to think, “Just let yourself fall, don’t fight it.” And I went SPLAT. Landing on my hands, knees and belly.

Yogurt went flying as the tiny ceramic bowl broke and shattered across the living room. My husband must have had every horror going through his mind as he and my brother rushed to my rescue. I don’t normally fall without consequences people. I always twist, break, or otherwise injure myself. But thankfully, not this time. The only thing hurt was my pride, and a tiny -but significant-cut to the left of my knee where I must have landed on a broken shard.

We were finding streaks of yogurt and shards of porcelain all night. 🤣😂

I certainly got lucky this time, and I shall be more careful and aware of my steps from now on!

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