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WOD Challenge 10-28-22 Nutritionist to the Rescue!

I saw my nutritionist/dietitian yesterday and she may just straighten me out!

I have been on a liquid/bland diet for the last three days, and I’m starving, right. So I saw her through a Telehealth visit and she assigned me a low-residue, low- fiber diet for the next 7 days. After the week is up, we will meet back up the same way, and if I did well, we will proceed to add a food at a time until I’m eating a normal, high fiber diet.

Now, no cause for alarm-but! Some things I may never be able to eat again. I can live with that. I don’t ever want to go through this nightmare again, so I’m willing to do what it takes. Eventually, I’ll even be able to enjoy a glass of wine 🍷 occasionally. Right now though, I’m still healing. Diverticulitis is no joke, guys! Just Google it, and you’ll know what I’ve been going through for the last month. I needed help to learn what and what not to eat to get straightened out. I tried it on my own, slowly incorporating different foods, but I tried to soon.

Evidently, I was not healed yet. Hopefully, this new diet for a week will set me on the right path. I’m even allowed some raw vegetables, meaning I can have a small salad-woo hoo-and although I’m supposed to eat chicken, turkey, or fish right now, hamburger Pattie’s were on the menu she provided. So I’m going to make a simple one for dinner tonight. I drink tons of green tea, juices with no pulp, nothing with seeds. Waiting on word back if I can have raw carrots instead of chips with my burger.

I hate eating all this white bread, rice, and pasta, but I have to right now until I’m healed up. Good news, my mouth ulcers are gone! What a relief! I’ve also been dealing with those for a week. 😕 All down the right side of my tongue 👅.

I won’t focus on what I can’t have, I’ll eat what I’m told to and get well so I’ll be ready to head out when the time comes. I think David is even getting a little excited now that we’ve met with our retirement planners and told them what we are doing. They didn’t spank us or anything, lol! In fact, she’s going to give him a few more options for growing his money and told him to check out the rules regarding his social security. Neither of us want to draw it until absolutely necessary, and she agrees.

Well, my brother and I are fixing to go to the store to buy the necessities for the new diet. I’ll keep you in the loop on what happens after this week, but I’ll be posting again before that. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Halloween 🎃!!

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 10-28-22 Nutritionist to the Rescue!

  1. I was kind of thinking that maybe you were trying to incorporate food a little early, because I remember when things 1st started out for my sisters diverticulitis and she had to go on I clear diet I for a week to prepare everything for healing, and then she could just have chicken. That is what I remember her telling me. And I am glad those ulcers are gone from your mouth!

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    • For sure! I didn’t get a timeline from my original Dr and so I read the directions and figured once I was done with the antibiotics, I was ok to start trying a few new things, but I went to fast and ate things I thought were safe, but weren’t. Like dairy. Too much fiber also, way too early for that.
      Today, since starting the new diet, I’ve only experienced gas and bloat, no trips to the bathroom. But the gas isn’t moving and it’s uncomfortable. Then again, the only movement I’ve had today was going to the store.


      • I am assuming that you are not able to take the ACV gumme’s right now or ever maybe? The new PCP that I am going told me something very interesting. I was telling her that I drink ACV in my hot green tea a couple of times a week. She told me that drinking the ACV hot breaks down the probiotic that help with the gut! We did not know that in and have been doing it for over a year! So now we have been putting it in lukewarm tea. Just a spoonful of ACV in a little of lukewarm tea! I am not having any issues with gas right now, LOL! You are feeling better! No dairy was the thing that was killing my sister, she loves cheese!

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      • Yes, and no. I quit taking the ACV temporarily because I thought it was causing the mouth ulcers by adding too much acid. Idk, but once my tummy started healing up, they went away! I’m still having gas and boating, but not as much diarrhea. The gas could be coming from the addition of Metamucil I guess. But I have to take it until my digestive tract is working properly on its own. (Hopefully not forever!) I’m drinking at least two cups of green tea a day as well. I gave up coffee for now. When I get all healed up, I’ll try it again. I’m looking forward to having a glass of wine, maybe at Dave’s going away happy hour next Friday! ☺️

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Happy 🎃.
    You tack care. You right time take food. Can’t after dinner time eat food. You take fix time food eat. You have to gas problem. You take glass of warm water early morning everyday.

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