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#SoCS 10-29-22 Out of My Element

I am definitely out of my element here at my brother’s house.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “element.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

This is the step down from the kitchen/dining room that I fell down two weekends ago.

The front (enfrente) half of the kitchen.

The one place I am in my element is in the kitchen (Cocina) I keep it clean, make my meals and drinks, and enforce the recycling (haha) although they both fight me on it. I’m constantly retrieving bottles (botellas), cans, and glass (vasos) from the trash! I keep trying to point out that regardless if you want to save the planet or not, you still make more room for trash if you recycle those other things (cosas)! 🙄

I also do our laundry, keep the house (casa) swept and/or vacuumed, and same with our bathroom (baño). Most of the time, I take out the trash and the recycling. We share buying the groceries (but mostly it’s us) because my brother (mi hermaño) rarely cooks. He snacks and eats out or with friends (amigos) and church functions.

I don’t have (tiene) any of my crafts here (aqui), so my time is divided into cleaning, reading and writing, and watching tv (tele). Boring! (Aburrido)! I’m ready (listo) to roll. I’m ready to see new places (lugares) and experience new things. But we are still not ready to go (vamos) yet. Ugh! Now the RV must go back in the shop (tienda) because (porque) the bedroom (dormitorio) slide-out was claimed to be working (trabajan), but (pero) it still only opens (abres) halfway! 😡 That means another hold up. I can’t plan or book anything (nada) until I have dates! All I know for sure is David’s last day (dia) at work is November (Novembre) 4th.

I’m ready for the element of surprise, but in a good way! Finding out the slide-out still doesn’t work was not what I was thinking! Ha!

I’ve been working hard on my Spanish! (Español). Soon, I’ll be able to write an entire post in my new language! (idioma)

Disfrutamos tu fin de semana!! (Enjoy your weekend)


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