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Finishing Friday

The mountain range across the freeway was hidden by clouds, as was our peak.

I’m borrowing Dar’s title for yesterday’s project because I didn’t have time to blog yesterday.

I made a hat! This is with the brim down.

Yesterday was cool and cloudy, a great day to finish my crocheted hat. Personally, I like it better off my head. Why can’t I be a hat person?? I just hate the way it looks on my head. Maybe because there’s no hair hanging down like all the models show.

Neighbor Darcy also crochéts. I went to get some advice from him about how to attach the brim, which was constructed separately, and he was making a sweater for my doggy! He is so sweet and kind. She loves it and I love the color on her.

Brandy sporting her new sweater. That’s Darcy’s house you can see through the window.

The hat with the brim rolled up. I made my own Pom Pom too!

After a few trips back and forth to his house, I had my advice, a bag of scrap yarn, and a new sweater for Brandy. He said copy it to make Whiskey one and I just laughed and laughed. I’m not that good! I need a pattern. When I’ve been sewing as long as Darcy and Maria, then I can freehand things. Maria is also very kind and generous. I went to visit her the other day and came home with a sample of some delicious chai tea she had. I’m drinking it as I type this.

Other than sew, we went to Eloy to get a few things, including a snack for Mexican Train last night. I came in second , but there are no prizes given at this game night. Winners have the lowest score at the end of the game. Players just get bragging rights. I was complimented on the rock I found for David. When I find Karl again, I’m going to ask him to polish it for me. I’m sure there’s crystals in it! (We use rocks as our “trains” in the game, a practice started by the local rock hounds around here.)

Today will be spent enjoying the weather, since tomorrow’s forecast is for heavy rain. It would be our luck to get here during monsoon season! Still, as long as it’s not freezing, I don’t care. We have to run back to Eloy to get stuff for New Year’s Dinner, cabbage, black-eyed peas, and ham…maybe some cornbread. Jeez, I’ve been eating so much I hope I don’t get fat! I’ve been lucky enough to eat whatever I want and only had a couple of issues with the diverticulitis. I’ve stayed away from nuts and broccoli though.

I wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year!


31 thoughts on “Finishing Friday

  1. Cute hat! Thanks for joining Finishing Friday!

    The kind neighbor’s dog sweater is adorable! Your pup looks happy to wear it! Kali hates clothes of any kind.

    Yeah, me, too, with not having a hat head. That’s why I always share the pic on a styrofoam head. Still, if it’s cold enough, I’ll wear one.

    How well equipped are you to take walks in the rain? It can be fun if not too cold. Our rain is a mix of snow and rain and ice. I don’t even try when it’s like that. Lucky I have the treadmill.

    Have a wonderful New Year, you and Dave!

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful hat, enjoyed Friday!
    So pretty dog sweater
    Your pup looks happy to wear it’s.
    Have a rain is a mix snow rain & ice.
    Have a wonderful New Year, Kim!
    Enjoyed with Dave!

    Liked by 1 person

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