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New Digs for Four Days

What a beautiful trip it was from Arizona to San Diego today!

How much the topography changed as well as the elevation and the views! From the desert and scrub to sand dunes, changing quickly to super tall, very rocky mountains. From there we descended into the valley and finally ended up in the very narrow, but super pretty streets of San Diego. Our Airbnb for four days is on Pescadero street, just a few blocks from the ocean. No beach area here, and no way to get down to the water, but maybe when we visit the naval base, we will find a beach we can visit. I’ll share some pics I took along the way, but I’m tired, hungry, and the allergies I’ve suddenly developed are in high gear right now. I can barely see to type this! I’ve recently figured out that it’s the Juniper trees that are most likely the culprit. I’ve always been allergic to gin. Guess what that is made from? Juniper berries! So it only makes sense. However, after walking along the rocky, windy coastline today and being in a different climate with all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants I’ve never seen, who knows what’s got me teary eyed and feeling whipped? Anyway, here is the gallery.

I don’t know why all my mountain pics didn’t load, but here’s what I can post now. So sorry they did not load in order. I put explanation on each of them.

Hopefully my brain will be more engaged tomorrow! 🤣🤪


5 thoughts on “New Digs for Four Days

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful photography. Amazing rocky , desert, & beautiful your dining room, living room& kitchen room. Beautiful you trip Arizona to San Diego., Kim I like .

    Liked by 1 person

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