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Movin On

As seasonal as the weather is our wanderlust, so it’s time for a change.

Tomorrow we move to Rancho El Mirage Golf RV Resort and hopefully, warmer temperatures. As in every RV Park, there are pros and cons…one of the pros is more activities and nicer dog parks, but the cons may be our location in the park. We will soon see!

I took some pretty shots of the sunset tonight, but they are slow to load. Hopefully, they will befor I finish this post.

They loaded, yea! Our last night here sending us off in a beautiful way!

You know, I hate toxicity in any form, wether it’s my water or my friendships, and that being said, I hope the folks at the new place are friendlier to us Texans. Sometimes, although nice enough folks here, most are snowbirds and I feel a little left out of the conversation. I feel I’ve tried my best to make friends and be involved in activities and game nights, yet I still feel somewhat shunned because I’m from Texas, and these people here have their own groups they are close to. Maybe I’m being too sensitive, but everything I read about welcoming RV parks and how wonderful the people are, to me, everyone has kind of kept to themselves or their cliques. Maybe it’s campers that get close, you know, the boondocking crowd. We’ll see the more parks we visit.

With that off my chest, we will be back here after our month in the new place. We just need a change of scenery for a while, and Dave wants to play golf without having to drive 30 minutes to do it! Well, he will get his fill! This place literally sits on a golf course! And, I’ll get to do the same activities plus some new ones, like bowling!

There will be new things to photograph, a new schedule of activities, and a totally different layout to the park. I even read there’s fishing and boating opportunities, but that is yet to be seen. They might have meant if you drive into San Diego. But maybe the place is aptly named, a mirage in the desert! Stay tuned for news from a new location.

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11 thoughts on “Movin On

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful photography for sunset.
    You had to move Rancho
    Very nice you share your RVs travel to visit the park. Beautiful doing activity. Can You do fishing & boating.?
    Very nice, Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous pics!

    I think clickiness is everywhere. And worse nowadays than it used to be. I’d probably feel it, too. Always ‘the other’ feeling. We just do our best. I think it’s harder as we age to make new friends. We’ve established ourselves in life so finding common interests is harder. And maybe not necessary. Maybe we just need humans and appreciate each other in the moment.🤗


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