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JustJoJan & WOD 01-18-21 10 Wishes

Good morning and welcome to the wildly anticipated (just kidding) blog post this Monday the 18th, 2021!

If I could have just 10 wishes….

  1. I’d wish for more time in the day to do my Diamond Art.
  2. I’d wish I was already through my transcription course and working my first job.
  3. I’d wish we had won the lottery over the weekend and be on our way to our forever home.
  4. I’d wish we didn’t have to wear masks or socially distance anymore.
  5. I’d wish my dad didn’t have Parkinson’s and could still talk to me!
  6. I’d wish my situation was different and my dad could move in with me and then go wherever we end up going.
  7. I’d wish we had already found and purchased the perfect spot by the perfect lake (or ocean) and lived there already.
  8. I’d wish my stalkers would leave me alone. (Like the ones on Words with Friends, Instagram, and whoever has been blowing my phone up with sicko messages)
  9. I’d wish my hubby was retired and doing something he loved, and that he was pain free to enjoy it!
  10. I’d wish I didn’t feel so guilty and anxious all the time.

These are in no particular order, they just came to me this way. As you can see, there’s a story or two lurking 👀 in my list of wishes. 😜

Happy Monday everyone! Oh, one more thing…

Today is the 300th day in a row for my Spanish lessons on Duolingo! I wish I was speaking it already!! I have a long way to go, but I am reading and comprehending a lot!

What do you wish for today?

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JusJoJan & WOD 01-17-21

Yesterday, we took a drive to Runaway Bay in Bridgeport, Tx to look at lake lots. There was no snow, but snow sometimes makes me think of clouds, so here is a cool cloud we saw along the way that to me, looks like a dragon! (Try to ignore the reflections in the glass.)

When we got back, after visiting a couple of friends in other cities, my latest issue of Theraputic Thymes was here and my article was so beautifully done and it spans 12 pages! Y’all! I am so stoked, you have to check it out! I’ve been writing for TT for about 4 years now, and this is the best one yet. On top of that, there are some really good articles besides mine in there with subjects ranging from bees and why they need weeds for their diets to the importance of traditions in a non-traditional time.

Therapeutic Thymes is a quarterly magazine dedicated to promoting a more natural therapeutic and sustainable way of life. Subscribe today@therapueticthymes.com

A one year (4 issues) subscription is $15.

By the way, my article — since this issue was all about traditions — was how to start the year off right with keto beverages and snacks. The team at TT chose the perfect pictures to compliment the recipes and I just loved the layout. 😍

You can also follow them on social media at Facebook@theraputicthymes.

Have a blessed Sunday and I’ll see you all tomorrow 🤗

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JusJoJan & SoCS 01-16-21

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘first thing.’ Start your post with the words, ‘first thing’ and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!”

First thing I had to pee. Sorry, folks, but we all do it, don’t we? Haha, but then, the first thing I did was make some apple cider vinegar tea because I was BAD last night! When I’m bad, I drink that before I ever get my coffee. I call it my “mistake eraser” but really it is my detox method for when I’ve eaten or drank too much sugar or alcohol. Last night was “date night” and I might have overindulged just a bit. (I know, I know, we normally do date night on Thursday’s, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go until last night because he was too tired and I had been with my dad longer than usual, so we stayed in.)


You really can’t blame me with the times being what they are, can you? I mean, then pile on family stress, a crappy day, or whatever else might be going on…like family drama and blam! The drinking might commence. Last night’s beverage of choice was — you might have guessed — tequila! Or, to kill ya, lol! It wasn’t as bad as my younger, dumber days, but still…

Dave and I came home from our typical date night dinner at Frijoles and played many games of pool — the new pool cues he bought us a couple of weeks ago are awesome btw — and called it a night around 11. We were sufficiently numb and pretty tired from not sleeping much the night before. Last thing we did was not for a family audience, so I’ll leave that up to your wild imaginations. 😘 😜


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#JusJoJan & WOD 01-14-21

I live in a court and hardly know any of my neighbors, contrary to the glowing reviews the former owner said about them. “Oh, this is a great neighborhood!” Is what she said and told me tales of how friendly and helpful they all were to her. I have gone out of my way to wave, talk to, and share with a few of my neighbors, but they remain kind, yet non-committal.

When we lived in Southeast Tx, we knew lots of our neighbors and even had good relationships with some of them. Same in our old neighborhood the first time we lived in NRH, and also in Haltom City. Maybe it’s because this neighborhood is mostly older people, set in their ways. I still try, regardless. A few of them know I’m here if they need me. All I can do is be neighborly myself and hope one day it’s reciprocated. We all just need to try a little tenderness, right?!

To be fair, me and my neighbors to the right have had more interaction than the rest, we shared the cost of a fence between our yards, and we share goodies at the holidays with each other. The neighbor two doors to the left brings in my recycling can sometimes and I’ve gone out to chat with him, met his wife, and hope to go to dinner one night together. They share common interests but our timing is never right. Someday! I took her some treats at Christmas and she gave me an old cushion she had made for her fireplace and Dave modified it to fit ours! It’s not finished but it works for now. I thought that was very sweet of her!

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A Dazzling Array of Donuts

So before we get to that, I was working in the kitchen this morning and through the sliding glass door, the sun was shining on the pool which made a dazzling beam of light go right across my eyes as I moved from the stove to the counter. I had to pause in my cooking for a moment to get them clear, because it almost caused an ocular migraine, yet it stopped just short of that. I wish I wasn’t so darned sensitive to everything!

Well, the first thing I saw when I opened up my email was this awesome recipe for keto fried donuts, and I looked at the ingredients and saw I had everything I needed, so then I was on a mission! I suddenly was craving something like that (it being bread and all) so after my shower, I dove right in. Ok, maybe I had to unload the dishwasher and make my coffee first, but, you know what I mean.

I know you’ve heard me talk about Fathead dough and how versatile it is. Well, that’s pretty much what these were but the method to making them was a little different in that you mixed up all of your dry ingredients first, while your oil was heating in the pan, and then you mixed the mozzarella and egg and added it into the dry ingredients. Then, you simply make a dough and when you have it sufficiently mixed as not to be sticky anymore, you roll a small ball of it between some parchment paper and take something like a shot glass (I have so many of those) to cut out your hole. Place about 5 at a time in the hot coconut oil and cook for about one minute on each side and presto!! Drain the oil on a paper towel for a few seconds and roll them in some erythritol sweetener mixed with cinnamon and soon you have a dazzling array of donuts! They were so pretty! And tasty! I stuck what I didn’t eat in a freezer gallon bag and she said they reheat nicely in the microwave, but I will probably use my toaster oven.


Let me know if you’d like the recipe-if the lady shared it in Reddit, I’m sure it’s ok. 

Now, I know you all know I have slipped off the keto wagon, but I am at least trying to be good. So having a bread that is “legal” for me to eat just makes my day! I will say that I need to find another sweetener besides Pyure for things like this though, because it has a cooling effect the instant it hits your tongue and that is off-putting to most folks. It works fine in coffee and fat bombs, but on something where the sweetener is the first thing your tongue touches, maybe not so appetizing. 

Basically, all you need for this recipe is mozzarella cheese, almond flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetener, and an egg. I have all that stuff on hand all the time, oh, and coconut oil for frying. I didn’t even use as much as she recommended (because it is so precious to me) and it still worked out just fine. I used about a cup in a non-stick pan. I hope you are as excited to try them as I was!! 

I need to practice with them some more, to get them as perfect and cakey as hers were, but as easy as this was, I’m sure I will. Don’t forget about chaffles too, they are another bread alternative we dieters can eat. I just decided this morning I wanted to give these cute little donuts a try. So I did! Okay, see you all later, I gotta run to the store and get a couple of things in case I want to try again!

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