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#A to Z Challenge 04-24-21 Vermouth

V=Vermouth “Doing a Vermouth”

While here in America, we are known to “do shots,” in Catalonia, Spain — they “Do a Vermouth.”

The history of vermouth in Spain is not as it’s history in Italy, in Catalonia, they drink their local style straight or on the rocks, or slightly cut with soda.

Their version of vermouth is a sweeter., herb-laden fortified wine, which they serve with a slice of citrus fruit — usually lemon or orange — and an anchovy-stuffed green olive. Both rose` and white vermouth are made in Catalonia, however, the most traditional vermouths are red.

The custom of “doing a vermouth” or fer un vermut is usually something the locals do around lunchtime on the weekends, but Sundays the custom is to drink it after church to wake up the appetite for lunch. They like to enjoy their vermouth with a small snack such as pickles, olives, or potato chips. In parts of Barcelona, specialist vermouth bars have become the place to be seen during the day.

They will know you are an outsider if you are caught ordering a vermouth after sundown, because that’s when locals have moved on to other drinks or meals of choice. Cheers!

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Salamanca Market Update, April 24, 2021

I cannot get enough of this young lady’s adorable artwork! You really need to see this!

The Unfurling Artist: journalising creative journeying

I left the house when it was still dark and lightly raining. Lucky for us the skies cleared, and it ended up being a mild day. Also, lucky for us, is that we’re a COVID-free state of Australia (I say this while knocking on wood – where does that saying come from?? https://www.history.com/news/why-do-people-knock-on-wood-for-luck), visitors from interstate were out and about enjoying the wonderful Salamanca Market. 

Two ladies, visiting from Queensland, purchased two tote bags, “Salamanca Fresh” and “Lazy Days”, an A-3 sized print of “Tu-whit & Tu whoo”, “Goldilocks and the 20 Penguins” and “Off to the Races!” for one of their girlfriend’s birthday.

Lacy Days tote bag – Made in Australia and washable

Goldilocks and the 20 Penguins

Off to the Races II

Three prints are going to decorate baby girl Charli’s bedroom in Sydney: “Four Iconic Aussies”, “House Sharing” and I can’t remember what the third print…

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#A to Z Challenge 04-23-21 Ul Boov

U=Ul Boov

Ariunna.J for Atlas Obscura

No, that’s not a pile of twinkies! It’s a traditional Mongolian “shoe sole cake” called, Ul Boov.

In the same way we celebrate Christmas by putting up a tree, Mongolians celebrate the Lunar New Year with a days-long holiday, Ul Boov being the centerpiece.

Maralbuga for Atlas Obscura

It can also be seen as a family shrine, since families make the sole-like impression in each cake with a stamp that has been handed down for generations. Each stamp is unique, defining the family members by the design of their ul boov.

The dessert consists of layers of fried cakes – each of which resembles the cross-hatched bottom of a shoe – decorated with chunks of sugar, wrapped candies, and a sweet, hard cheese called aarul. Traditionally, elders prepare seven layers, young couples stack three layers, and everyone else makes five layers. Height relates to age and status, and odd numbers symbolize happiness.

Chug17 for Atlas Obscura

Ringing in the new year is quite the spectacle, as stacking the cake tower involves precision and care. A finished Ul Boov symbolizes Mount Sumeru, a sacred Buddhist mountain. The dessert can also be served a weddings and other celebrations, or as a meaningful decoration in the home. What a sweet showcase that must be!

Y’all! This was a hard find! I hope those of you participating in this challenge had an easier time finding your “u” word!!

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#A to Z Challenge 04-22-21 Taiwanese Toilet Restaurant

T= Taiwanese Toilet Restaurant(s)

Pull up a bowl and let’s enjoy a story about a small chain of restaurants in Tawain that honor, well, toilets!

In this schticky place (pun definitely intended) everything is devoted to the bathroom it seems. Acrylic toilets are your stools (pardon the pun) and after you pull up to your sink adorned with a glass tabletop, dig into your potty shaped soup bowl and enjoy your delicious (and delightfully poop-free) curry, or hot pot.

Wonder at the ambiance of the place while you nosh on the large dessert selection, which features poop-shaped lights, walls decorated with shower heads, and plunger fixtures, sip your beverage from urinals you get to take home as a yucky souvenir.

I guess they prefer their drinks sans the urinals!

Your meal comes to you in either a tiny 🛁 or a mini 🚽, owner Dao Ming Zi wants to shock your senses with this seemingly disgusting decor, yet surprisingly, it is so popular, it’s become a chain!! The flagship Modern Toilet is a three-story restaurant in the Datong District of Taiwan.

The place is inspired by a Japanese cartoon character named Dr. Slump whose favorite activity is “swirling poop on a stick” (gotta love the Japanese sense of humor) and Zi has capitalized on the attraction of novelty with this place!

I wonder if they have pull-chain toilets to flush the scraps down! 🤣🤣

More restaurants like this are planned for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Macau, and Shenzhen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post of potty humor and take it all in stride. It’s a real place, y’all!! 😝

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#A to Z Challenge 04-21-21 Heaven on Seven

S-Sauce-Hot Sauce to be precise!

Chicago might not be the first town you think of when you crave some hot sauce, but hidden on the 7th floor of the historic Garland Building is a wall-to-wall hot sauce extravaganza!

Besides the location, the name of this famous Cajun spot also comes from the heavenly smells that greet diners and the tastes of the food once they eat it.

When Jimmy Bannos and his family took over the restaurant in 1980, it did not feature this massive hot sauce collection, they mainly served Jewish deli foods. However, after a cousin married into a Mississippi family, the menu began to change to reflect flavors of the south like gumbo, jambalaya, shrimp & grits, and 20 different kinds of po’boys.

Heaven on Seven also offers a full breakfast menu, and Bannos has been receiving rave reviews for his `etoufee, fried catfish, and gumbo with andouille sausage. The spicy walls covered in sauces from all over the world are for those wit a craving for hot, hot sauce. Some they say would even be new to connoisseurs.

My boys would be right at home! They have been known to compete with each other to see who can stand the hottest sauce. Now, I just have to get them to Chicago!