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JusJoJan & SoCS 01-16-21

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘first thing.’ Start your post with the words, ‘first thing’ and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!”

First thing I had to pee. Sorry, folks, but we all do it, don’t we? Haha, but then, the first thing I did was make some apple cider vinegar tea because I was BAD last night! When I’m bad, I drink that before I ever get my coffee. I call it my “mistake eraser” but really it is my detox method for when I’ve eaten or drank too much sugar or alcohol. Last night was “date night” and I might have overindulged just a bit. (I know, I know, we normally do date night on Thursday’s, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go until last night because he was too tired and I had been with my dad longer than usual, so we stayed in.)


You really can’t blame me with the times being what they are, can you? I mean, then pile on family stress, a crappy day, or whatever else might be going on…like family drama and blam! The drinking might commence. Last night’s beverage of choice was — you might have guessed — tequila! Or, to kill ya, lol! It wasn’t as bad as my younger, dumber days, but still…

Dave and I came home from our typical date night dinner at Frijoles and played many games of pool — the new pool cues he bought us a couple of weeks ago are awesome btw — and called it a night around 11. We were sufficiently numb and pretty tired from not sleeping much the night before. Last thing we did was not for a family audience, so I’ll leave that up to your wild imaginations. 😘 😜


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#JusJoJan & WOD 01-14-21

I live in a court and hardly know any of my neighbors, contrary to the glowing reviews the former owner said about them. “Oh, this is a great neighborhood!” Is what she said and told me tales of how friendly and helpful they all were to her. I have gone out of my way to wave, talk to, and share with a few of my neighbors, but they remain kind, yet non-committal.

When we lived in Southeast Tx, we knew lots of our neighbors and even had good relationships with some of them. Same in our old neighborhood the first time we lived in NRH, and also in Haltom City. Maybe it’s because this neighborhood is mostly older people, set in their ways. I still try, regardless. A few of them know I’m here if they need me. All I can do is be neighborly myself and hope one day it’s reciprocated. We all just need to try a little tenderness, right?!

To be fair, me and my neighbors to the right have had more interaction than the rest, we shared the cost of a fence between our yards, and we share goodies at the holidays with each other. The neighbor two doors to the left brings in my recycling can sometimes and I’ve gone out to chat with him, met his wife, and hope to go to dinner one night together. They share common interests but our timing is never right. Someday! I took her some treats at Christmas and she gave me an old cushion she had made for her fireplace and Dave modified it to fit ours! It’s not finished but it works for now. I thought that was very sweet of her!

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A Dazzling Array of Donuts

So before we get to that, I was working in the kitchen this morning and through the sliding glass door, the sun was shining on the pool which made a dazzling beam of light go right across my eyes as I moved from the stove to the counter. I had to pause in my cooking for a moment to get them clear, because it almost caused an ocular migraine, yet it stopped just short of that. I wish I wasn’t so darned sensitive to everything!

Well, the first thing I saw when I opened up my email was this awesome recipe for keto fried donuts, and I looked at the ingredients and saw I had everything I needed, so then I was on a mission! I suddenly was craving something like that (it being bread and all) so after my shower, I dove right in. Ok, maybe I had to unload the dishwasher and make my coffee first, but, you know what I mean.

I know you’ve heard me talk about Fathead dough and how versatile it is. Well, that’s pretty much what these were but the method to making them was a little different in that you mixed up all of your dry ingredients first, while your oil was heating in the pan, and then you mixed the mozzarella and egg and added it into the dry ingredients. Then, you simply make a dough and when you have it sufficiently mixed as not to be sticky anymore, you roll a small ball of it between some parchment paper and take something like a shot glass (I have so many of those) to cut out your hole. Place about 5 at a time in the hot coconut oil and cook for about one minute on each side and presto!! Drain the oil on a paper towel for a few seconds and roll them in some erythritol sweetener mixed with cinnamon and soon you have a dazzling array of donuts! They were so pretty! And tasty! I stuck what I didn’t eat in a freezer gallon bag and she said they reheat nicely in the microwave, but I will probably use my toaster oven.


Let me know if you’d like the recipe-if the lady shared it in Reddit, I’m sure it’s ok. 

Now, I know you all know I have slipped off the keto wagon, but I am at least trying to be good. So having a bread that is “legal” for me to eat just makes my day! I will say that I need to find another sweetener besides Pyure for things like this though, because it has a cooling effect the instant it hits your tongue and that is off-putting to most folks. It works fine in coffee and fat bombs, but on something where the sweetener is the first thing your tongue touches, maybe not so appetizing. 

Basically, all you need for this recipe is mozzarella cheese, almond flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweetener, and an egg. I have all that stuff on hand all the time, oh, and coconut oil for frying. I didn’t even use as much as she recommended (because it is so precious to me) and it still worked out just fine. I used about a cup in a non-stick pan. I hope you are as excited to try them as I was!! 

I need to practice with them some more, to get them as perfect and cakey as hers were, but as easy as this was, I’m sure I will. Don’t forget about chaffles too, they are another bread alternative we dieters can eat. I just decided this morning I wanted to give these cute little donuts a try. So I did! Okay, see you all later, I gotta run to the store and get a couple of things in case I want to try again!

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What Makes Me Happy


Singing, of course! Singing has been making me happy since I was very young, probably around three years old. I used to sing with my Uncle Tony as he played the guitar and sang along.
I love listening to music as well, but singing is my passion. I used to want to be the lead singer 👩‍🎤 of a rock band, in fact, I was for a while, but we never made it to the big time. When I got married, that dream died.

For a while, I sang with the Sweet Adelines and that was fun, but the costumes and traveling became too expensive and so that ended as well. Maybe some day, I’ll go back to it. I’m sure I will find some group to sing with, somewhere, someday. I looked high and low for a picture of me with my group, but since I couldn’t find one, here is an example of a group at competition. I got to attend a competition like that, but never was part of a separate quartet. Go to YouTube for more great examples of this international singing group.


At church, I contemplated singing with the choir, but I didn’t want to leave Dave alone in the pew by himself. Now we can’t even go to church. 🙁 I was in choir in Jr High, til Mom didn’t/couldn’t pay for my costumes anymore.

So, I sing in the car, sing when we are sitting on the patio on warm summer nights, I sing to the music we listen to while we are playing pool. I don’t need fortune or fame, just the act of singing fills my soul. 🤗 I sing karaoke with my friends when they bust out the machine at a party, but I’ve never been brave enough to do it in public.

I guess my closest brush with fame was a small show my band and I did in a field one night. We had some folks show up and I was over my nerves, singing some AC/DC, having the time of my life when the cops showed up and said there were no “open air” concerts allowed in Marshall Fields or wherever the heck we were. We were so bummed, and after that, no one would come to practice anymore, and the band just fell apart. We were all young and had no clue what we were doing anyway. We should have had a plan.

I used to love to challenge myself by singing songs by divas like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Of course, I used to love the singing shows like American Idol, but lately the judges have ruined that show for me. I was raised on country, turned rebel and went to rock when I was 12, but honestly I love all types of music and I’ll sing anything. 🤣 My hubby even gets on to me for singing commercials that get stuck in my brain.

I’ll leave you with one of my favs I never could get just quite right. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey.

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Picking a New Theme

Well, I feel like a change, yet not a drastic one. So I decided I’m picking a new theme and I’ll try it out for a few days and see if I like it. I’ll be happy if y’all give me feedback, good or bad. It’s called Ryu.


Yesterday was a good day because — with the help of a few friends on Facebook — I have found a long-lost friend! I had previously tried to find her on my own, I had even sent letters only to have them returned because the postmaster couldn’t find her.

My Facebook friends are some master sleuths I tell you! They were like a dog with a bone and within two days, I was getting a text from my friend!! All I did was put a few pictures and a query on Facebook and immediately, my friends went to work, found her possible family — the brothers that are still alive, and I contacted each one and patiently waited.

Yesterday, I received word from her brother and after a fact check, he knew I was who I said I was, and I knew he had found my Teresa! She texted me when she got off of work and I was so excited! We talked a bit and agreed to talk more on the phone at a later date, maybe even Facetime! That will be so good to see her again!

We served in the Army together. She was my bestie through basic training and AIT. Then, when we got sent to our permanent parties, we became separated and lost track of each other. She remembered briefly seeing each other again in Ft Carsen, Colorado where I was stationed, but I did not. That is nothing new, I can’t remember 5 minutes ago! 😉

We did everything together, from getting in trouble to going on many adventures. We were thick as thieves back then. I can’t wait to see her and see what she is up to these days. She is still in Michigan, married with no kids, and works night shift at a nursing home. That is all I really know for the moment. Wish me luck! I now have all her contact info in case I want to call, text, or write her a letter!

We have lots of things in common. We have been married for the same amount of years, we both like rock music, and we married on the 7th day of our respective months; she married her high school sweetheart in January and I married David in June! We double dated in AIT, did pushups to China in basic, and constantly got in trouble for talking in formation, lol! I’ll have to ask her if she remembers what “snow snakes” are! We got in trouble for those too! We were both boy-crazy, liked tattoos and dancing, and just had fun living in the moment!

I knew her brother was the real deal when he talked to her, got back to me and called me “Half-pint”. That was a nickname my drill sergeant gave me. That and “alphabet” because my maiden name was so long. That’s how she knew it was really me, when I told her bro my maiden name he said “Bingo!”

I hope you all have a pleasant Monday! Tune out the trash and tune in to your goals. That’s how we’ll get it done in 2021!


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