Multiple Word Prompt Story 5 July 2018-A Strange Trip

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s multiple prompt story brought to you by Dee @ ThrivingNotSurviving and TheHauntedWordsmith. Thanks, ladies!

A Strange Trip

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One day driving down the road I saw an airplane flying

A Model-A was by my side as asphalt by was winding

Glancing over the driver seemed a whiter shade of pale

Staring at him now becoming evanescent,

I came up with this tale. A ghost he was it seems to me

From oh so long ago,

A phantom from a strange trip, maybe a UFO!

The next I saw while traveling on these western roads

A sign for Roswell, many sheep, and two three-headed toads

‘It’s time to vacate’ thought myself and turned around real quick,

Before this trip turns into one that really makes me sick.



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Multiple Prompt Story 4 July 2018-Freedom

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This morning’s story is brought to you by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving, the prompt words will be bolded and the thoughts are mine entirely.

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We live in America yall, the greatest place on Earth! We enjoy freedom because our ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and because the great men and women of the armed forces fought for it and continue to do so! It is my opinion that if someone can’t respect our country and abide by our laws so that we can all get along and enjoy the freedom we have than they are also free, free to GET OUT!!! That is all, now go out, enjoy time with your friends and family, eat your picnic and enjoy the fireworks that are set off to celebrate our freedom and independence!

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Multiple Prompt Story 3 July 2018-Kiss My Grits

Afternoon everybody are you ready for the multiple prompt story for today? It is brought to you by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving and the prompts will be bolded throughout the story. Enjoy!


Kiss My Grits

Vic Tayback
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No one knew that Mel had recently been arrested for indecent exposure.

Just the other day over at Mel’s Diner, Alice was talking to Flo about what a bully Mel could be at times. Vera agreed and Alice said he was really just a big ole teddy bear, they didn’t know what they were talking about. That was when Flo looked at the girls and said, “Kiss my grits, Alice.”

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Multiple Prompt Story 2 July 2018

Today’s prompts are from 3TC-bully, fan fiction, pillow, and WOD– conniption


Sally was a teen fan fiction writer in the southernmost part of Georgia. One afternoon as she was madly scribbling on her latest tale, her bully of a brother started picking a fight with her and she clobbered him with a pillow, yelling at him to “GET OUT!!” He threw a conniption and attempted to wrestle her to the floor, however, their dad walked by Sally’s room right at that moment and saved the day. He also tossed her brother out of the house until his manners and attitude improved.

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Multiple Prompt Story 29 June 2018-Home Grown

Hey guys! This morning I have a story brought to you by the 3TC challenge and the WOD challenge, let’s see if we can have a little fun with these prompts, shall we?


Home Grown

Beverly Jones was a huge fan of CBD oil, in fact, she used it on a regular basis, much to the chagrin of her husband, Joseph. He was so obtuse about it and refused to understand the benefits and argued with her constantly about the legality of it’s use. She was always trying to justify her use of it, telling him the experts even say that CBD enhances your own endocannabinoid system with Phyto cannabinoids-in other words-it’s like getting high on your own supply (even though you don’t technically get high. She explained several times that there is no THC, and you will not fail a drug test if you use it, but he would go berserk every time she brought it up). It’s just like when you exercise and get that euphoric feeling from the anandamides in your system.

Actually, Joseph did not mind Beverly using it, he saw how well she was sleeping now and how much less anxious she was, it was just that he had too much to lose if he ever got tested and failed. He even told her he didn’t mind her growing her own marijuana plants for personal use, the leaves themselves have the same effect when added to salads or smoothies as when she vaped the CBD oil. All that aside, she was never going to convince him that it was ok for him to use, yet he totally supported whatever she wanted to do. Even as she went to seminars and studied the experts, he remained so obtuse, that she finally gave up and decided to stop trying to convince him. She figured she would watch patiently for another year or so until it became acceptable by everyone and then maybe…

Beverly did indeed have a plant of her own, started from a single seed in an aero garden in the house. Recently, she had moved the plant outside, she figured it was safe enough being just one plant, and it was well hidden in her yard. Her son had given her a fancy mortar and pestle, so she used it to add the dried leaves to her tea every once in a while. She did not notice much of an effect like she did when vaping her CBD oil. She was hopeful that like freckles spread on your body in the sun, her plant would start producing the much more useful buds now that she had planted it outdoors. She just hoped that word never got out to the CBD police…she didn’t need the governing bodies of her city shutting her down. After all, what was all the fuss about one silly weed anyway, right? Hopefully the world would get with the program soon and then everyone would be stress free, relaxed, and well rested-like Beverly!