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Ghosts Just Want to Have Fun 10-08-21 WOD Challenge

Photo credit: Unsplash

I woke one night

To a frightening sight

Yet I was unafraid

An apparition, two party girls

By admission

I felt like I was about to be played

“Come out with us,

We won’t cause a fuss

We will just dance the night away!”

I said, “No. You both go

This is just a dream anyway.”

“Oh it’s no dream, touch our hands, you’ll see

We’ll fly and have fun all night!”

Tempted I was, just because

I needed the break, you see.

But flying apparitions would cause contradictions

Among my friends and family.

“I’d love to go, yet I have to say no

My peeps would freak out at me flying.

But thanks for the invite

Have yourself a cool flight

And thank you so much for trying.”

So frowning they flew

To haunt maybe you

What would you do if in my place?

Though I wanted to go, I had to say no

And as I lay back, tears streamed down my face.