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Share Your World-Better Late Than Never

I know, I know…Cee’s Share Your World was yesterday but I couldn’t get to it as I was busy with my Dad in the morning (he had his endoscopy yesterday) and then writing a story for TLL (The Last Line) which I also didn’t finish yet. Here are my late answers anyway:

What would you name your autobiography: My Life Was a Hot Mess

What do you prefer, sweet, salty, or buttery? Ugh, I have to choose? Sweet…Even if my sweet comes from Stevia these days (most of the time), I still find myself craving fat bombs or desserts over real food.

My stack of fatbombs!

What’s the finest education? Um, the school of hard knocks. I did not finish college, in fact, I barely got started before I got pregnant and decided to concentrate on family life and work. However, I had many teaching experiences over the course of my life in the military, of course in my raising, and now as a married woman with 3 kids. Aaaaand, I’m a voracious reader. My belief is that a college education costs far more than it’s worth. Experience counts more these days.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Man, I just love it when my kids come to visit, I got to see all 3 boys, two of their girlfriends and one of their girlfriends sons. We enjoyed spending time in the pool and eating a meal together, even if it was brief…it’s better than not at all.

Josh’s girl Chasity


Joshua my middle son

Hayden, Chasity’s 9 yr old




3-2-1 Quote Me

Hi and good morning! A few days ago, I was nominated by A Haunted Wordsmith and Christine Bolton for the 3-2-1 Quote Me challenge, thank you ladies, but I had company all weekend and couldn’t respond. So I thought I’d get to that today.

What is it?

The 321 Quote Me challenge was created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip. The idea is that you post a couple of quotes inspired by a given theme.


  1. Thank whoever nominated you.
  2. Post two quotes inspired by your given theme.
  3. Select three bloggers to take part in the 321 Quote Me challenge.

The chosen theme for today’s quotes is: Tomorrow

The first is a quote by LBJ: Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

The second is a Quote from Melody Beattie who said:

Also, for those who don’t know, I run the blog Keto For Beginners and this blog Words on a Page is for my writing. 🙂



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Multiple Prompt Story 4 July 2018-Freedom

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This morning’s story is brought to you by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving, the prompt words will be bolded and the thoughts are mine entirely.

    Photo credit: Unsplash


We live in America yall, the greatest place on Earth! We enjoy freedom because our ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence and because the great men and women of the armed forces fought for it and continue to do so! It is my opinion that if someone can’t respect our country and abide by our laws so that we can all get along and enjoy the freedom we have than they are also free, free to GET OUT!!! That is all, now go out, enjoy time with your friends and family, eat your picnic and enjoy the fireworks that are set off to celebrate our freedom and independence!

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Multiple Prompt Story 3 July 2018-Kiss My Grits

Afternoon everybody are you ready for the multiple prompt story for today? It is brought to you by The Haunted Wordsmith and Thriving Not Surviving and the prompts will be bolded throughout the story. Enjoy!


Kiss My Grits

Vic Tayback
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

No one knew that Mel had recently been arrested for indecent exposure.

Just the other day over at Mel’s Diner, Alice was talking to Flo about what a bully Mel could be at times. Vera agreed and Alice said he was really just a big ole teddy bear, they didn’t know what they were talking about. That was when Flo looked at the girls and said, “Kiss my grits, Alice.”

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3TC Challenge 1 July 2018

Modern Problems

Man, I can’t go a single day without chewing gum, you know what I mean? There’s just certain things that flow better when I’m chewing gum, especially bubble gum, like housework, writing, or driving down the road, listening to my favorite jams.

What’s worse than stepping on gum with your shoe though? Well, one thing would be to open a brand new sleeve of crackers, anticipating that delicious flavor and crunch, only to find them stale. Man, that’s a bummer. Or, what if your favorite store carries every flavor of chewing (bubble) gum except the flavor you love the most?? Gotta hate that, right?

One day, I was driving along, chewing gum and listening to my fabulous music. I pulled into Walmart, opened the car door and stepped smack onto a gooey, sticky, pile of bubble gum. I quit chewing it on the spot.


These statements and observations (not to mention the bad fiction at the end) were brought to you by the 3TC Challenge as decided by The Haunted Wordsmith.