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April’s Coloring Project-Escapist Coloring Club

Some of you post pictures from calendars and some from coloring pages. My pictures come from a book called Tropical World for my love of the ocean, yet there are other pictures than sea creatures. It is titled A Coloring Book Adventure, so there are flowers, abstracts, sea life, and other animals.

I usually don’t find time during the day, but I like to color sometimes at night when I’m watching TV with my hubby Dave. Anyway, here is my latest project, before and after, and the cover of the book they are taken from. If it’s ok to submit more than one picture a month, I have an earlier pic I can submit as well.

Here’s my latest project before I started it

Here is the finished product

A close up and the book it came from

Hmm, the pictures both look the same here, but on my iPad one looks better than the other. Oh well. 🙂

If you want to join, go to Linda G Hill and check out the rules.