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Halloween Challenge 10-19-21 Spooky Desserts

I was perusing Pinterest (as usual) and came across this cool board of spooky desserts.

All kinds of cookies, candies, and other ghostly creations await those with a creative touch this Halloween.

Here is the pin if you want to try some yourself.


I hope it comes across properly, if not, let me know if you’re interested and I can email it to you or send it via Messenger!

Writing Prompts

Multiprompt Challenge 10-18-21

A Cautionary Tale

When prowling the cemetery

Late at night

When the moon is high

Big, and bright

Beware of vampires

They really do bite

Especially in New Orleans

In the Garden of Fright

Some of them fancy

Themselves quite a catch

But dont get sucked in

Or they’ll bleed you and watch

Leaving you to wander

The earth like they are

Monsters disguised as a

Handsome rock star.

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Halloween Challenge 10-16-21 Quizzical Spider

The spider looked at me quizzically

As I lay along a tree branch

His many eyes looked questioningly

So I backed up an inch

He crawled forward as I backed away

I slipped off and began to sway

Hanging by a thread , he followed me

All the way down and then he was on me!

Screaming as I ran blindly

The spider still clinging nervously

Finally, I slowed and looking down

The spider looked up and began to frown

“Please don’t leave me,” he seemed to say

And we’re still friends to this very day.

“Be nice to spiders” is my motto these days

Even the quizzical ones have their ways. 😉

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W.O.T.D. & Halloween Challenges 10-15-21 What a Grisly Scene!

On a spooky night, the ghouls came out

To celebrate Halloween

Their eyes popped out

When they came about

A dreadfully grisly scene!

The bottom floor they visited was dark

The door had been left ajar

But when they entered

Screams let loose

To find the scene thus far

A body chained was on the floor

Its head no longer there

The clothes were ripped

From what they thought

Could possibly be a bear

It was no bear, the policeman said

That caused the horrific sight

A werewolf had been seen they said

Running into the night.

The kids just stared, their mouths agape

Disbelieving every word

Yet as they left, the goosebumps broke

As more howling could be heard

Pairing off, they ran for home

Before it could come get them

And since that night, they’ve never entered

Another dark house on a whim.