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W.O.T.D. 11-17-21 Prelude to Happiness

My blood pressure this morning. 😬

The prelude to Dad’s move to the new residential home was a prayerful, anxious start. My mind would not stop racing because the night before, he looked so bad, I was afraid he wouldn’t make it in time for the move. I had to call on God, pray all night, and this morning, looked up some specific passages to try and calm myself.

As you can see, my blood pressure was ridiculously high, and it wasn’t until my brother got here and talked to me that i started to calm myself. We were scheduled to meet with Micheal at 12:30, but I was confused and thought he meant at the nursing home. No, he wanted to meet at his house so we could decide how to proceed. We wanted him out of the nursing home immediately, and he said, ” Great! We are ready to go.”

That was the fastest transfer in history! It felt like a jailbreak, lol! I had Dad packed in about 10 minutes, we talked to the staff and thanked them for all their help, but understand, Dad needs 24/7 care, which you are not staffed to provide. They understood and helped us get his meds gathered and said we’d take care of the paperwork later. Dad was in his new home and we were back home by 4pm! He was comfortable, ate good dinner, and Micheal sent us an update. I am over the moon relieved and happy that Dad is in a caring and loving place! I will update further after our afternoon vist tomorrow. I’m going to bed to get some true rest, thanks be to God!

Still not great, but better!

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