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WOD Challenge 8-10-22 Media Causing Fear & Division Again


Here we go again, just when you thought it was safe to get out and cool off and maybe have some fun breathing outdoor air for a change.

The media has chosen fear mongering and division again, trying to scare us to death with threats of monkeypox and “are water parks safe for kids because of possible bacterial/viral infections?!” Ugh! Enough already!

Monkeypox is not new, nor a huge threat in the US. In fact, it is more likely associated with rodents than monkeys, although it’s been seen in both.

The media is always making assumptions based on shoddy fact-finding and misleading information as well as half-truths.

Can we just let the kids go play in the splash park like they used to with no fear? God forbid they get some vitamin D and enjoy a cooling break from the searing summer heat. No, we have to get the parents all freaked out again and shut them back in the boring houses.

It’s just gotten so ridiculous.

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