No Ill Will Here-CCC#82-WOD Challenge Combo

Thirteen-year-old Sara and her friends, all preteens like herself, approached the “haunted” barn with a cautious curiosity. “My brother says that devil worship goes on in there,” Sara said to Jodi.

“Nonsense!” Jodi replied. “My friend Casey says it’s perfectly safe inside and nothing evil is going on in there. Just a hang-out for kids who want to do what they want, away from home and rules.”

“You mean, like smoking and sex?” giggled Sara.

“I mean, like getting together with friends and playing games or something, Sara, get your mind out of the gutter.” said Jodi, rolling her eyes.

Sara grinned sheepishly as they made their way to the huge sliding door, located to the right of some thick overgrowth of trees and brush.

Pulling the door emitted a sharp metallic CREEAAKK, and the small gaggle of girls slowly entered, their eyes trying to adjust to the light. The four females, Sara, Jodi, Christal, and Liz simply stood there, rooted to the spot as their eyes landed on a scene out of Saturday Night Fever…a disco ball hung from the ceiling, spot lit by colorful lights as it spun lazily to the steady beat of Bad Company playing on the stereo.

Across the room, four teenage boys lounged on a long couch, as if waiting for the girl’s arrival.

“Whatcha standing there for ladies, let’s go!” Brandon shouted, jumping off the couch to come escort Sara to the large dance floor, lit up seemingly from underneath. Casey was there too, as well as Tommy, and Greg.

Shyly, Sara moved forward and soon, all eight teens were dancing and laughing, as their clueless parents worked to put food on the table.


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