WOD Challenge 2-27-20 Mockery

I don’t mean to make a mockery of the process,

Yet in this thing I must confess

Earning money for writing is hard!

Each day words hammered out with no regard,

To whomever chooses to pay attention

Hoping for recognition, or affection

Fame and fortune is so far off,

I might as well write it off.

Maybe I should drive for Lyft,

Or dash some food to those adrift

Too lazy to go get their own darn food,

Line my pockets with cash, that’s good.

Come home and write a poem about that!

Maybe then my wallet get’s fat.

Ah, who am I kidding, writing’s my bag

Someday with luck I’ll earn some cool swag.

It’s just that there’s so many other things to do

Than pound out my words for the people like you

Not knowing the reason… am I just a joke?

Spinning my wheels day after day like some ignorant bloke?

Sorry, my week has been rather lackluster,

Unfocused, small pieces have been all I could muster.

Next week will improve, I’ll make sure of that now

I’ll research more places to become a cash cow.

Put a plan into action, yes that’s the ticket!

Soon I’ll be infamous like Lemony Snicket!



This silly poem was brought to you by Cyranny with her WOD Challenge

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