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WOD Challenge 10-23-19 Almost

Word of the Day Challenge

This Is Us



Every Tuesday night, I record one of my favorite shows-I have to because my hubby doesn’t like it. Then Wednesday morning, I sit with my cup of coffee, thoroughly enjoying it as always. It dawns on me today that I have not watched a single episode that didn’t make me bawl like a baby, yet it makes me laugh as well. I just don’t understand why the hubs won’t give it a chance, is it because the show evokes such a strong emotional response? Is it because it highlights so much diversity? It’s one of those shows I wish we could enjoy together, because I feel like it touches each person that watches it in such a profound way. I think we all recognize something in our lives that mirrors what we see in this family’s experiences.

I know guys don’t like to talk about their feelings, they don’t like mushy, sentiments and such, but I think if we watched the show together, it might even help him work through some things he’s going through. He has lost so much in the last four years, his dad, his oldest brother, and then this year, his mother. His grandparents are all gone, his brother is still alive but his job took him away, so he feels that loss too.

I feel the loss as well. I feel like I’ve lost him in a sense, he stays all bottled up inside. We sit on the couch next to each other every night, watching tv and playing games on our devices, yet not really talking. I almost wish tv had not been invented sometimes, it’s such a distraction from dealing with life. But then, I’d miss great shows like this one, and that would be a real shame.  Besides that’s what Friday nights are for, we sit out back and we talk about everything-kind of a catch-up for the whole week. And when I say we don’t talk, I mean, we do…just nothing too deep.

This is us….what about you?

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Word of the Day-World-04-15-19

Word of the Day

Word of the Day Challenge

Today’ wod prompt is brought to you by Dee at Thriving Not Surviving and the word is world

In my little world, life is busy and unpretentious

Sure, GOT was back on last night, but I have enough drama in my life that I don’t need to gush on about a TV show all day the next day.

We had a fabulous weekend and now we are back to reality, work, taking care of Dad, dealing with drama with my kids, you know, LIFE!

Animals need feeding, house needs cleaning, I need to get a story polished up and sent off, need to start my herbs growing in my aerogarden since I still can’t work in my yard with this knee.

No word yet from the insurance company about my appeal to get my MRI, yet plenty of bills to pay.

Dad has an appointment to get an injection in his right shoulder today, so pray this one gives him some relief. It would be great if he could lift at least one of his arms higher than his chest.

My “desk” looks like crap and I need to clean and organize my closets. No wonder my mind cannot concentrate on a single item this morning! I had a publication in mind to send my story to once it’s polished and I put a proper ending on it, now I can’t find the publication again. 😦

Supper needs to be planned out, shopped for and cooked. Meal prep needs to get done for the week.

Yet the sun is shining, it’s going to warm up to the 70’s today and we are all going to get through it, am I right?!

How are things going in your world? Maybe we could all get a little inspiration from your answers. 🙂

Happy Monday everybody!!