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WOD Challenge 02-01-21 Sick to Death

Good Monday morning everyone! Today the Word of the Day prompt is media, and I for one am sick to death of them, how about you? I mean, I don’t even turn my tv on during the day, so sick of the media am I. I have been getting my news — sans the ridiculous commercials — via 1440 Daily Digest and the Morning Brew.

If I want the weather, I look at the radar and forecast on my phone. I’m sick of the lies, sick of the agenda being crammed down our throats, and sick of the political lean that dominates the news media lately. I’m also sick of social media, but I rely on it to stay in touch with friends and also to share my blog posts so I can’t get off of it, but I can look at it much less. So! Let’s talk about something else, shall we?

This morning, Dave and I made another (hopefully better) batch of boudin. We forgot to add the salt on the last step, however, the meat had good spices and flavor before we added the rice, so maybe we will be ok. We are getting quicker at the whole process, now that we’ve had a little practice. I will let you know how it turns out as soon as we get some smoked.

As far as me personally, I’m still not feeling all that great, these mouth ulcers not only cause me pain, but I have an all-over yucky feeling going on, a bit of (hopefully) sinus drainage in my throat, so I scheduled a virtual visit with my dr. For one thing, I need to get back on my anti-viral medication so these “outbreaks” will stop happening. I am dismayed I could not go into the office so they can get a good look at my throat and the ulcers, but these days, you can’t say anything about your throat or you will only get a virtual visit. I’ll be sure to have a flashlight at the ready so she can see it better, hopefully.

I also have to take the doggies to the groomer today, they smell and their fur is very long and matted. She does an excellent job with them, though, so I know they will be back to their huggable, touchable selves in no time!

I hope everyone has a great Monday and I welcome your feedback as long as it’s nice 🙂

One last thing, I let my other blog go, I simply don’t have time to manage it, and didn’t think I could sell it, plus, I didn’t need that extra bill anymore. I can talk about whatever I want here, and making money will come when I’m done with transcription school. So, for those of you that think you might miss Alternative Lifestyle, I’ll cover some of those topics here from now on. 🙂

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