Word of the Day Challenge-Theme 6-23-20

I’m sensing a theme here…

As I carelessly injured myself again today I thought to myself, “Dave is gonna be so mad at me!”

I was cleaning up from doing my diamond art painting this morning, my dauber fell on the floor, so I reached down like a dummy from the tall stool I was sitting on; I’m 4’9″ mind you. You can guess what happened next…as my fingers touched it, the grasp I had on the dining room table gave way and down I went! I even had time to see everything around me on my way down, like I was falling in slo-mo. Catching myself with my right arm, I jarred my right shoulder and now of course, it hurts to reach up, put pressure on anything, or try to pick something up with my right hand.

Don’t you hate it when you hurt yourself and its your own damn fault??? UGH!!

We think we are superhuman; I got this!! Nope. I’ve got to start realizing my age and my limitations! Now here I am a hot mess again, knee was already screwed up, I got a UTI and now a hurt shoulder. Where’s the whiny emoji, LOL! Pray with me please that it’s just sore and I will be fine in a couple of days. Thanks in advance! 😉

And now so you have something cute to look at, here’s a pic of my sweet granddaughter whom I’ve still never met…someday! Her mama found this awesome ride for her at a garage sale and I marked the picture up with her name and sent it back. I wish Canva was that easy!

My granddaughter Rayven

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