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JusJoJan & WOD Prompts 01-28-21

Gosh! The first month of this year is almost over! Where does the time go??

I’m sad to see that my prediction, and that of others I’m sure, is coming true. Miraculously, the government is trying to say it’s time to go back to school and easing up on restrictions now that Biden is in power. What a crock! Sure, I want it all to end, I hate wearing a mask and not going many places, but its comical that all of a sudden, even with supposed cases surging, he will claim victory and get us over the crisis. You watch and see.

Okay. Enough of that.

Onto a show I wish you all would watch on Netflix. It’s called The Pharmacist. This story tells how it is entirely possible for one person to make a difference, even during the perfect storm. This man, who lost his son, took on the Oxycontin war and at least put a stop to the doctors (one in particular) responsible for killing hundreds of people in the St Bernard parish of Louisiana. But his story goes much deeper than that, and had far more reaching implications than just getting that doctor out of practice. In fact, speaking of storms, he even kept going and doing what needed to be done, during and after hurricane Katrina.

As far as I know, it’s only one season, so give it a watch. Just a warning, it is incredibly sad and moving account of what this poor man went through. He is a hero!!

Well, I seem to be locked out of my account on the iPad, so no pictures can I share this morning. However, I am still able to blog from here. So I wish you all a happy Thursday. I’m going to cut this short before they cut me off completely!

Before I go, let me thank Linda for using my prompt in her story this morning! Thanks Linda G Hill!!!

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Writing, Writing Prompts

Word of the Day Challenge 12-16-20 Charge

Here are a few of the things I bought for my Ohio grand daughter, Rayven on my debit card yesterday. I was going to pay cash, but I also bought my wonderful hubby some new slippers, so I had to charge the purchase on my debit card. That’s the way the world is headed anyway, right? To charge everything and get away from cash? I don’t understand why that is, but most of the time, it is easier for me anyway because I don’t carry much cash for safety reasons.

I have not done much shopping yet, we took care of Rayven because we had to hurry and get stuff sent up north before the storm charging across the upper half of the US stops all hope of people getting their Christmas gifts. We had previously ordered her a talking Woody doll, and I went and got her a couple of shirts, some leggings, barrettes, Frozen long underwear, and her most requested item; chocolate covered marshmallows 😉 A child after my own heart!!

Mama sent me her pics with Santa. Weird that the image shows movement in the background, yet she and Santa are still. Hmmmm.

If she looks scared (she does to me) her mama told me that Santa is a friend and she told Rayven that she told Santa she had been bad, so I guess she was worried she wouldn’t get anything, lol! That’s a mean joke to play on a 4-year-old! Poor baby!

What about you all? Have you done much shopping? Do you have to charge all your purchases? Better hurry if they need to be shipped anywhere, especially up north. Amazon is so backed up, they warned that the last day to get your items shipped in time for Christmas is today unless its going first class or priority mail!!


This public announcement and shopping update is brought to you by the Word of the Day Challenge

Word of the Day Challenge