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I Hope They See Rainbows-Wod Challenge 08-27-20

Buenos Dias everyone and how are you all this morning?

I hope the folks down in southeast Texas and Louisiana see rainbows through the destruction this morning, as I believe they dodged a bullet! Thank God! What I could catch on the weather channels and the news stations looked like mostly wind damage and not flooding, which is bad, yet could have been so much worse!!

Kenrick Mills for Unsplash

(the photo is random, found on Unsplash, not an actual picture of Louisiana)

My son is also down in the Houston area because his job sent him there, I’m hoping he doesn’t have to work the storm damage and gets to stay where he is, and that he isn’t there long. He does disaster restoration work, so no telling but he promised to keep us informed. As of last night, he was safe.

Ok, so as to the problems everyone is having with the block editor, I guess I cheat, because what I do is create my post’s text, then save. Next I go to my iPad and load a picture from somewhere, and insert it in my post, then save. Going back to my laptop, I add the picture into my post with it’s description. That is the way I get er done. Plus, for whatever reason, I still have the option of the classic editor and it says I can switch to the block editor, but I haven’t yet. I’m hearing soon, I won’t have the option, correct?

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