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WOD Challenge 8-8-21 Long Overdue

A day like yesterday has been long overdue!

Two families came together yesterday to celebrate Becky’s birthday and have one last hurrah before she leaves for Spain next month.

What a perfect day it was, sharing great food, lots of pool time, and a long night of listening to music and sharing memories, learning new things about one another, and meeting new family members.

I even remembered to take a few pictures this time! My only regret is that while Dad was here, we couldn’t enjoy his company outside, but we made sure he was fed, comfortable, and being checked in on by all of us.

Audrina, Jennifer’s daughter
Jennifer and Anthony taking a lunch break from the pool
Jennifer’s son Orion grabbing a snack

We met Anthony, Becky’s sister Jennifer’s new boyfriend. He was so friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and down to earth! We talked and observed him with her kids, you’d have thought they had been together for years! He is an amazing guy!

Chris, Jenn, and Dave enjoying the cool pool! 😎
My bro Kevin seated, Anthony, and Bubba having a moment of interesting conversation
Becky’s mom, Julie floating on a noodle
The birthday girl, opening her journals from us, which included tons of stickers to use with them
One of the thick sticker books
A small birthday cake says Happy 30! It was just enough and tasted delicious 😋
Of course, she had to sample all three!
Evidently, Callie was overcome by all the people and plain tuckered out near the end of the evening 😝

We had food cooked by Dave and Becky’s mom’s hubby, Dennis. Delish dishes of pulled pork, sausage, ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, fruit salad, salad with fruit and nuts, stuffed and bacon wrapped jalapeño peppers, artichoke and spinach dip, queso blanco, and of course, desserts. Birthday cake, a cheesecake, carrot cake, and red velvet cake.

Like I said a minute ago, we talked with our core family late into the night, cleaned up the kitchen and fell into bed sometime after midnight, exhausted but satisfied. I think Becky enjoyed everyone coming together to celebrate as well as her cards, presents and birthday cake. She and Connie chatted late about a new and shared hobby they are both into, while Dave, Bubba, Chris, Sean, Josh and I listened to all kinds of music and talked until Dave said his standard announcement, “I’m going to bed,” signaling the party was over, lol!

Long overdue, and much enjoyed, the day was a happy success!


2 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 8-8-21 Long Overdue

    • Oh, here you are, I thought you sent this on Messenger, lol!
      Yes, I hope they are going to stay together, she is going over there to be an au pair for a family and it’s just for the experience, she isn’t even getting paid! I’m sure that’s part of the rub with Chris, plus he is scared for her. But I think he’s made his peace with it, and he invited Josh and Shari to live it’s him while she is gone. Shari is going to lease Becky’s car so she has her own way to work, and Josh can have his car back. Tell ya more later, love you sister! Nite! 💤😴😘

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